Walker Biller and Dustin May will start for the Dodgers

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It's still 2020, and everything is uncertain. On Sunday night, the Dodgers lost two consecutive games to the rebuilding Giants 3-1, which
reminded them.
The Dodgers will fly to Houston on Monday to tackle the coronavirus
problem on the highway for the first time. On the court, they need to
strengthen their game on Tuesday and Wednesday, when they will face the
Astros. The Astros won 107 games last year and defeated the Dodgers in
the 2017 World Series.
The only thing the Dodgers stole on Sunday was Mookie Betts from second
base. He scored their only one in the third inning with Cody Bellinger's
RBI hit. Minute. This was popular with MVPs, but after the start of the
season with two big victories, the Dodgers lost to the San Francisco
team Andre Ethier Jersey, which had low expectations of them, in a disappointing four-game
Dodge lost 10 runners in the race and 42 in the series.
"You just have to trust those guys. They cooperate very well." "What you
see is that every hitter is a different person, and they will shoot
when needed." But on the offensive end, we will be fine. "
Kershaw started throwing to test his back injury
The Dodgers even had a chance to complete their final magic show in the
second half of the eighth inning with two outs, but Hernandez was
knocked off the ground when facing submarine right-hander Rogers. .
Roberts said he would be happy to let Hernandez hit the right, despite
having left hitters Pedersen and Rios sitting on the bench.
"Rogers (to right-handed and left-handed) is very neutral," Roberts
said. "They started the game against Munsey, Turner and Bellinger, so
this shows the fact that he is quite neutral. This is the third time
Kike has seen him in four nights, so I think it will be good for us to
be familiar Because he fell in love with him for the first time."
In the first season of the year, Julio Urias had to work hard for it,
but he still controlled the game. He pitched a total of five innings and
made three passes to get three starters on base, but he kept the loss
by one point and left a one-to-one tie.
Urias said: "My first pitch was very difficult Chris Taylor Dodgers Jersey. This is usually my offensive power, but I failed to execute." "Later I
was able to adapt. Relay pitchers Brusdar Graterol and Adam Kolarek were
sixth. The round gave the breaker RBI, Pedro Baez was touched as an
insurance RBI in the seventh inning, and the boastful Dodgers' offense,
even with a designated hitter, broke out for the second consecutive
Urias allowed the Giants to score freely in the third game. He was late
to cover the first Mauricio Dubon's infield hit, he walked Mike
Yastrzemski Dubon in the scoring position and paid a price with a
leading central bank, Darling Ruf left field, a former Dodgers minor
league member for the past three seasons Play in Korea.
Although Dodge's bullpen lost two of the three-pointers, the close-range
Jensen made his debut of the season with a 1-2-3 score in the ninth
inning. Houston Astros, 2017 baseball world champion. Three seasons
later, the Dodgers and their fans still don't buy it.
The two teams from the Clayton Kershaw Dodgers Jersey World Professional Baseball Championship will play on Tuesday and
Wednesday. This is the first game since the astronaut card stealing
scandal was exposed. This will be the elephants in the beautiful girl
"I don't think many opinions or people's ways of thinking have changed
in this game, but at the end of the day, we will win the game," Justin
Turner said last week.
"I think both sides will have a chip on their shoulders," said Alex
Wood, who was not scheduled to play in Houston. "Especially after what
happened in 2017. These people, like me and many of us, are talking
about this issue-it's a distressing situation.
"Since the spring training, we haven't discussed this issue too much. I
think men are trying to look forward, not backward. There is only one
thing in our minds-in this 60-game season Win as many games as possible,
work hard to return to the World Professional Baseball Championship and
complete tasks."
Leaving aside 2017 Corey Seager Jersey, these two games should give the Dodgers a clearer view of their future,
rather than the four games against the Giants in the first round. The
Astros are still a strong team, the only team with more wins than the
Dodgers (107 vs. 106), and they are built for the beautiful girl park.
For their first road trip this season, the Dodgers will have to follow
strict road trip rules.
Walker Biller and Dustin May will start for the Dodgers. Neither did the
2017 World Series club. After Biller reported to the summer camp and
fell behind schedule, this was his first season of the season. Someone
asked him what he said about revenge.
Biller said: "Playing good baseball there will give people a sense of
pride." "I'm not from that team. Look, think, I want people on the court
to experience it, holding a trophy, of course. But in the end, This
does not change our mindset. Dodgers head coach Roberts said after the
team lost 3-1 to the Giants that Dodgers ace Keton Kershaw threw 15
goals in the bullpen on Sunday to test his injured back. Will vote again
in Houston on Tuesday.
Kershaw entered the 10-day injury list on Thursday due to a stiff back
instead of pitching in the opening night. This is the fourth back injury
in his career. In the previous three games, he was absent for 10 weeks,
5 weeks and 3 weeks. Kershaw said he was injured while doing core
training in the weight room.
Kershaw missed the opening game against the Giants for two consecutive
days after missing the opening game with a shoulder injury last year.
Nevertheless, he won 16 wins and 5 losses, with a 3.03 defensive rate
and 28 starts. Frankly speaking, not many. Even in a short season Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers Jersey, it is difficult for us to draw a large number of conclusions about
rankings based on just a few games. We know that in a typical 162 games,
each victory in 60 games equals approximately 2.7 games. We know that
the Tigers had a good weekend. To the disappointment of the Red Devils,
the Orioles competed with the Yankees and the Rays for the first place
in the Eastern Conference of the American League in the new week of the
game. We also know that Cruz can reach 200 points.
In a year when everything is abnormal, we embrace strangeness. Paper
man. Noise from pipeline crowd. The social distance of the mascot race.
Use light to high-five. Anthony Rizzo greeted the opposing baseman with
hand sanitizer. The manager and the referee must cover up before they
start the argument. This will be different from the previous year, but
it will not lack suspense.
One thing has not changed-our weekly power ranking! Let's get started...
The biggest increase is: Padres jumped three places, from 19th to 16th.
With 16 teams participating in the playoffs this year, it's not hard to
imagine that San Diego will sneak in. They started the season well,
winning two of the Diamondbacks' three games. It is worth noting that
Garrett Richards, who has retired from Tommy John's surgery for two
years, made five innings without conceding a score in Sunday's San Diego
game against the Diamondbacks.
The biggest decline was: the Astros dropped four places, from third to
seventh. This fall is directly related to Justin Verlander's right
forearm strain, and he will be out for a while. The Astros’ current
attitude is relatively conservative. They said the current Cy Young
Award winner will be absent for two weeks and he will be reassessed. In
any case, this does not bode well for Astros pitchers, because their
pitching depth is already a bit thin.
Posted 28 Jul 2020

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