The Dodgers will leave on Monday

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The Dodgers will leave on Monday to begin their first road trip of the season. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said that infielder Zach McKinstry
is most likely to be allowed to join the traveling taxi team this year.
One of the three players.
The 25-year-old McInstry has yet to make his major league debut. In
2019, his hit rate is. 300/. 366/. In 121 games between the double-a
Tulsa team and the triple-a Oklahoma City team, there were 19 home runs.
In 31 games this year during spring training and summer camp, he hit 12
hits, three of which were home runs, including a preseason game against
the Angels last Tuesday.
If there are three taxi players in a team Jackie Robinson Youth Jersey, one of them must be a catcher. Roberts hinted that the other would be a
rescuer, but he said that neither of them can be determined.
The only other catcher on the 40-man list is 22-year-old Keibert Ruiz,
who was late for the summer camp. Unofficial player Rocky Gale has seen
extended moves in four games, but needs to be added to the official
The 40-man substitute candidates include right-hander Tony Gonzolin,
Josh Spoz and Mickey White, and left-hander Victor Gonzalez.
Non-starting pitchers include right-hander Ramos.
Each team allows a three-person taxi team on each road trip, allowing
them to immediately choose to replace injured players or players who
cannot play due to fear of COVID-19. These players will come from a
roster of 60 players, but the purpose of taking them on a trip is to
avoid letting them take commercial flights when the players are injured.
An executive said that he expects most taxi teams to bring a pitcher, a
multi-function player and a catcher, but some teams may choose to bring
two pitchers and a catcher.
The three players will be allowed to train with the team on the away
field, and the catcher will also be allowed to serve as the bullpen
catcher. After the road trip, the taxi players will return to the team’s
alternate training location, although the catcher will be allowed to
stay on the team as a bullpen catcher at home.
Dodgers catcher Will Smith broke the left field home run in Saturday's
ninth inning home run. Austin Donley, whose photo appeared on the
clipboard, contacted Smith via Twitter and asked, "Can I get the ball?"
Smith turned around and said, "Sorry, I cut yours Joc Pederson Dodgers Jersey. Head. Call me a DM and I'll connect it for you."
This year, fans stayed away from Smith, but Smith readily accepted this
"I think this is great," Smith said. He caught up with me and wanted a
ball or something. I find it very interesting. I'm going to knock him
out with the ball, and I might apologize for hitting his head again.
"I think interacting with him on social media is great. Every night,
they don’t stand at the free throw line and ask for autographs. Anything
that allows them to participate is important to us. That’s why we have
the best Baseball fans."
AJ Pollock appeared on Sunday night as a designated batsman. He missed
Saturday's game with his wife Kate in order to bring his daughter Maddi
home. This will be the first time for Mattie to go home. She was born 3
months premature in May and weighed 22 ounces. Pollock explained his
isolation break when he arrived late at the summer camp.
Baseball is back at the weekend. Did you hear that? What a weekend. It
is silly and exciting, sometimes clumsy and disoriented and totally
exploding. This season will be completely different from what we have
seen before-sometimes uncertain, but always fascinating.
So, to celebrate this first weekend, we look at one curious,
fascinating, impressive, fun or downright weird thing from each team
over the first three games (four for the Dodgers and Giants).
Blue Jays: Cavan Biggio looks like the best 1990s Superstar Spawn Kid
right now. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette are the highlights, but
Biggio, who was less heralded as a prospect, was the best player of the
first weekend and was largely responsible for Toronto's lone win Julio Urias Jersey. He started that game with a bunt single and finished off the scoring
for the Blue Jays with a three-run homer.
Orioles: The Orioles are over .500! Seriously. The Orioles are over
.500. What more do you need than that?
Rays: Ji-Man Choi made you think you were watching him through a mirror.
Choi had been toying with batting right-handed from time to time, but
he had never tried it in a Major League game until Sunday. He not only
homered, but his solo shot had a higher exit velocity (109.1 mph per
Statcast) than any of his 36 previous career homers batting left-handed.
Red Sox: Nathan Eovaldi just can’t pick a number Justin Turner Youth Jersey. As if Red Sox pitchers didn’t have enough problems this weekend,
Eovaldi switched numbers, and then switched back, in the same game. (He
got hot, went to change and grabbed the wrong jersey.) Considering how
that staff looked against the Orioles, I’d try to hide, too.
Yankees: Giancarlo Stanton is back. The slugger hit two monster home
runs over the weekend, and somehow, the one he hit in the first inning
of the first baseball game since the coronavirus pandemic hit the
country was the less impressive one. (His second had an exit velocity of
121.7 mph, his hardest-hit homer since 2018.)
Indians: We did not appear to be wrong about the starters. The delay to
the start of the season meant that the Indians’ top three pitchers were
all healthy, and they were thus considered a key strength coming into
the 60-game regular season. Their first weekend, uh, went well: Carlos
Carrasco, Shane Bieber and Mike Clevinger threw a combined 18 innings,
giving up four runs, 13 hits and two walks while striking out 30.
Royals: Salvador Perez looks happy to be back. In his first game since
2018, the beloved Royals catcher went deep, and he currently has the
highest slugging percentage and OPS on the team. It is actively pleasing
to see him back.
Tigers: Miguel Cabrera is off to a slow start Kirk Gibson Jersey, but he can still wow you. The Tigers were surprisingly powerful in
Cincinnati over the weekend -- C.J. Cron looks like a perfect fit -- but
Cabrera didn’t get in on much of the action, going 1-for-11 in the
three-game series. But his one hit was a long two-run homer on Saturday
that gave Detroit a lead it wouldn't relinquish.
Twins: Nelson Cruz! Honestly, Cruz is going to be hitting homers when he
is collecting social security. There is one man in baseball who has
three home runs. It is of course Cruz. He's 40 years old and had seven
RBIs on Sunday. Mercy.
White Sox: Good heavens, that offense. Luis Robert was the
eyes-popping-out-of-head talent this weekend, but it’s worth noting that
for all his brilliance, he is fourth on the White Sox in slugging right
now, behind Eloy Jiménez, Yoán Moncada and Leury García. The White Sox
are an oncoming train.
Angels: Looks like Mike Trout is still finding new ways to be amazing.
The most remarkable stat about Trout is that he has never won a
postseason game. But the second is that he’d never homered off a 3-0
pitch. Until Sunday, that is. Maybe 2020 will end up taking care of both
of those.
Astros: Justin Verlander (sad face). The world of baseball is undeniably
worse without Verlander as part of it. And because of a forearm strain,
it looks like Verlander isn’t going to be a part of it for a bit. But
just how long is yet to be determined.
A's: Jesús Luzardo doesn’t need any warmups. The A’s phenom missed all
of Summer Camp, showed up in the sixth inning of Saturday’s game and …
looked like one of the best pitchers in baseball, throwing three
scoreless innings. Wait until he really gets going.
Mariners: They finally beat the Astros! Heading into Sunday, Seattle had
lost to Houston a stunning 15 consecutive times. That ended with a 7-6
victory over a Houston team that had a very, very bad day.
Rangers: The new park must be hard to hit at. The Rockies and Rangers
combined for only 13 runs in three games at the new Globe Life Field
this weekend.
Posted 28 Jul 2020

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