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SteriValves offers high-quality products and services to the pharmaceutical business.
We design and construct valves and accessories to adhere to the most applicable requirements, with close cooperation involving machine manufacturers and end-users.
Our core business is definitely provided by interception butterfly valves and also flow regulation rotary valves while remaining highly devoted to developing innovative solutions and designing products like SteriSplit, now at this point of reference intended for safe powder handling.
Containment is a critical issue throughout your pharmaceutical industry; it is essential to preserve the safety from the operator, as well as the grade of the product. For this specific, Sterisplit is the alternative.
Interception valves for the particular pharmaceutical sector
 Interception valves are butterfly valves comprising a vane that revolves around its axis to secure the free section to close the passage, used when flow regulation isn't essential.
The types associated with interception valve we present include Sterivalve, Flexivalve plus Pharmalite.
Flow regulation valves regarding pharmaceutical devices
 The flow regulation valve moving part is really a rotor used to control the product flow rate through that cavity’s geometric capacity, in addition to by the actuator swiftness.
Flow regulation valves we offer include Rotovalve Lighting, Rotovalve Plus and Rotosphere.
Fine dosing valves for pharmaceutic applications
 Fine dosing valves for example our Rotodoser are it is in place to ensure accurate solution dosing. The valve features two moving parts, the leading rotor to discharge most of the product, and also a small rotor to realize precision.
Independent functioning belonging to the two rotors allows speedy and precise dosing, and that is impossible with other valves.
Large containment valves for pharmaceutical drug uses
 Suitable for applications the location where the operator or product defense is pivotal to grow crops operation, high containment valves just like SteriSplit are composed with two half-valves, an energetic valve that carries that actuation, and a unaggressive valve.
Once the not one but two parts meet, the two half-vanes form 1 interception device that will allow product transfer. After being fired, the two half-valves confine environmental contamination.
Deviation valves plus lump breakers
 Deviation valves for solid bulk products, for example our Diverter, comprise a single inlet and two shops. An interception device diverts solution flow from one outlet towards the other outlet alternatively.
A NEW lump breaker, also generally known as a de-lumper, is some sort of device used when powders kind aggregates. These devices, such as our Rotocrusher, are used during the entire pharmaceutical sector in compliance with stringent safety and hygiene standards.
Pharmaceutical valves pertaining to safe powder transfer
 SteriValves works in respect to the highest good quality standards for manufacturing processes as well as the working environment. We do the job in compliance with level of quality criteria, both in operations and in working setting (ISO 9001: 2015 along with OHSAS 18001: 2007).
We provide an array of accessories such as percussion, part-turn actuators and magnetic generators, Silcap, Silend and vibrators. Sanitary Diverter Valves 
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