Bluetooth audio transmit used in Automotive

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The middle and high-end cars on the market basically do not have navigation and some other entertainment systems when they leave the factory, so there is a car aftermarket, but the quality of the car technology system provided by general car manufacturers And the stability is good, many users are unwilling to change the original central control screen, this time there is a solution to upgrade the system.

The central control panel before the factory has a USB and AUX input port. For the added central control navigation, only the RCA audio output interface is reserved, and the sound can be connected to the AUX input port of the original car through the RCA audio output line. The sound of the central control navigation can be output from the original car amplifier channel to the speaker.

With the continuous improvement and upgrading of automobile manufacturers, the central control of the new mid-to-high-end car is no longer equipped with AUX input port, so how can the sound of the added central control entertainment system be played from the original car?

There are currently three ways:

1. Through the USB port, this method will occupy the original car's USB interface on the one hand, and the USB cable is not very beautiful. Secondly, when using Carplay, the sound will be delayed by 2-3S when playing music;

2. Through optical fiber, this method is more stable but expensive

Third, through Bluetooth, this method not only does not need to occupy the original car's USB interface, there will also be no delay of 2-3S, and the price is very affordable. Therefore, in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness, Bluetooth is the best choice. The Bluetooth module of FTTS has been successfully mass-produced in many high-end models, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mazda, etc. The following recommends a low power consumption, high cost performance, audio transmitter Bluetooth module suitable for the original car screen upgrade system

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Bluetooth 5 Audio Module With Analog & Digital Audio Support | FSC-BT966

? Bluetooth version:Bluetooth 5.0 Dual-mode

? Dimension:13mm x 26.9mm x 2mm

? Interfaces:UART, I2C, PCM/I2S

? Power supply:3.0V ~ 3.6V

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