The Factors To Consider For Selecting A Warehouse Storage Rack

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Capacity and storage utilization

The warehouse racking system can greatly improve capacity utilization and take advantage of storage space. You should consider the amount of space for the system. The quantity, size, weight, varieties of the products.

The types of stored products

Whether the product is perishable, fragile, a seasonal product or special preservation measures needed for the item?

Forklift access

This factor is critical. The ability to accommodate forklifts for bulk cargo and the aisle width required for forklift handling should be taken into account.

Inventory retrieval

The order of inventory retrieval is important. First-in First-out (FIFO) or Last-in First-out (LIFO), carefully evaluate your choices, which significantly affect your material handling labor costs.

Turnover time

The time of the products stay in your warehouse also is a factor to consider for choosing the racking system, hours/weeks/months?


Whether the warehouse racking suppliers provide customized service is also a factor. A wide variety of products may have different requirements for storage.


When building a racking system, safety should be taken into consideration.

Posted 19 Nov 2020

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