Now that u know my stats ill ask my questions.

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On the second part, iether go use the salt water spa in ogloog(later as a first hotel ) for infinate run, or, use a spirit terrorbird and endless run scrolls (or super energies.) With this, just keep running round in a circle until green text pops up saying the dark core was released, then immediately, run to an entire and use your spade close to it. Third part can be difficult. Heres what you're doing. Pay attention to RS gold 1 of the 3 colors that happens between graves. I began with yellow. Keep your eye were the yellow dot moved, and if the 752 shoots the yellowish beam outa its mouth, you have to click the grave with the yellow dot in it. This will damage him. Do so for all 3 colours (red green yellow) Good luck. If your a quick clicker, then you should be useful.

Now that u know my stats ill ask my questions. I hear that insect control gives you exp at a skill of your choice, yet for some reason on my end I havent been abale to discover a thing about this site explaining just what it is. So insted of takeing the time to post a hyperlink or fire me to my own inabilitys, only say no or yes. Can I train prayer efficiently af pest management if im a ranger? I know I'm going to find red dhide for a armor. However what I do not know what im going to use is my bow. At first I was going to use a tee shirt, but I read and alot of folks claimed it's unnaturally slow, so I don't understand what to utilize now.I'm considering a mage short, but I lately discovered theres a mage compound. I'm nearly completely clueless here dudes, and it is probably my most important question.

I saw on a youtube vid that the fleash eaters or w/e they're (the things that look like giant potatoe bugs) in stronghold (I belive lvl 3) drop herbs along with other excellent things in members. Can anyone vouch this claim? Im not very certain if it had been runescape or even moper or w/e its predicted. Together with my stats and triumphed equipment would I be able to array green drags for profit? I have seen folks sayin that some lvl 42-60 monsters (specifically mossgiants) can fall lower monster things. Is this roughly equal chances of a diminished droppin a rune med helm? Another monster I know drops dragon things is the fire giant, Can yall think id be able to survive long enough for them to go unhostile so I can safe spot em?

Would I relly be able to fight dragons as a ranger because I couldnt get a anti monster protect unless I used a x-bow and idw to do this. What lvl slayer do you start makeing decent cash from drops? And a ranger would slayer be more difficult for cheap OSRS gold me personally? Would a dwarf cannon be well worth the cost? Just how much better is dragon armor than rune exactly? Any notion which member skill I should train first? Certain skills are more precious than others, and what do yall think?

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