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You might not have loved them as a child, but in retrospect they were only there to help you. Here are the favourite songs about teachers, ranked by user votes. There are good teachers, there are bad teachers, and there are even hot teachers. This list of the hit teacher songs contains music about all kinds of teachers. From the instructor that is crushed on by all her students to the professor who is brainwashing students with political rhetoric, this list features them all.
If you could describe each year of your teaching life with a song, what would your playlist look like? After coming up with my list below, I realized mine is a mix of old and new upbeat tunes, plus a lot of feel-good and inspirational songs. These songs very well describe the experiences I’ve gone through all these years. Here are some songs for teachers like me and you:
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The prime teacher song that comes to mind is “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen. This 1984 hit is full of fun puns and sexual innuendos. Another great song about teachers is “The Art Teacher” by Rufus Wainwright. Daft Punk has a different definition of a teacher. Their song, “Teachers” pays tribute to all the musicians who influenced them.
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Pink Floyd questioned the benefits of formal education with their teacher song, “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” and Morrissey called out his experience with Catholic school in “Children in Pieces.” Vampire Weekend also has a song which references teachers entitled, “Campus.” Fun Fact: the group's lead singer, Ezra Koenig taught English before the group got a record deal.
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Do you have a favorite song about teachers? Vote it to the first of this list and add any teacher songs that may be missing.
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Ahaha. Awesome selection of songs. I remember my teachers in life and really grateful to them for what I have become now. Especially grateful to Tony who advised me to try playing the siberian storm slot machine. Thanks to this game, I became a millionaire.
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