Raspberry jelly recipe

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Could you share please? I want to get the best one
Posted 09 Dec 2020

karl47 says
What kind of recipes are you interested in?
Posted 09 Dec 2020

Oh.. I was wonder how to make raspberry jelly and spent much time to find its recipe. If you're still interested here it is: First you will need to smash your berries and extract all the juice that you can from them. It is recommended to put the berries in a pan on low heat until berries are hot. Then pour them into the cloth-lined bowl, draw edges of cloth together and tie tightly with sturdy string.Tie a loop in the end of the string and hang this cloth bag on the hook under your cabinet, with the large liquid measuring cup under it. Be sure the bag is hanging high enough so it won’t dip into the juice in the measuring cup, and low enough so it doesn’t allow drops to spatter your walls. 
The rest is in the article which I shared above.
Posted 09 Dec 2020

Thanks for sharing. I've made awesome raspberry jelly last week
Posted 3 weeks ago

You're welcome. Let me know if you like this one - I will go on sharing cool canning recipes
Posted 2 weeks ago

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