How I Manage Stress & Anxiety

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As traders and investors, we often face bouts of anxiety and stress. Well, even if you’re not actively trading and investing yet, I suppose
you still face with anxiety and stress from time to time. I have mine
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A few of my biggest breakdowns were -
Back in early 2012, when I was still in university, studying abroad in Singapore, I was left alone to manage my finances. My parents
cut off my credit card and I needed to search for alternatives to cover
my daily expenses. It was also the year I started searching for ways to
make an extra income, and the year I came across trading.

Late 2012, early 2013, when I lost all my profits and capital from trading. A painful lesson, and definitely heartache. Just when I
thought I had it all figured out, I’m back to square one.

Early 2015, when I failed my CAP and received an academic warning from the university. I sacrificed my academics and channelled all my
resources to trading and investing since 2013, but the thought of me
getting dismissed from the university is just embarrassing and to be
honest, a little scary.

These times were not easy, but looking back, they provided many lessons and these experiences taught me a lot. Without these challenges,
I wouldn’t be who I am today. As the saying goes, "What doesn’t kill
you, makes you stronger."

I strongly believe that if you don’t master your emotions, they will master you.
Managing your stress and anxiety is a key part of becoming a successful trader and investor.
Here are some ways I have utilized that helped greatly in managing my stress & anxiety:
#1 - Acknowledge the situation and context
Most often than not, what’s stopping us from getting out of our stress and anxiety state is the reluctance to accept that we’re
vulnerable. If we are denying that we need to get out of our current
situation, we’re likely gonna stay in that state, and it’s just gonna
keep spiralling down, getting worse to worst.

#2 - List down all the possible solutions and scenarios
Often we procrastinate is due to the fear of uncertainty, especially when we are in a stressful and anxious state already. We do
not know if the next decision we’re gonna make is the right one, or is
it gonna just make things worse.

One of the ways that I find useful is to list down all the possible solutions or decisions that I can choose, and what are the
likely scenarios and outcomes they lead to. Listing all of them down
allows me to assess with more clarity compared to having these thoughts
all stuck in my head.

#3 - Seek help
Our ego often steps in and we tell ourselves that it’s a weak sign to reach out for help. Honestly, I am truly grateful that I’ve met many
great mentors and friends that helped me a lot throughout my years; and
without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Don’t underestimate a simple help that you can get from your friends, family, or even colleagues. Sometimes, all we need is a simple
word of encouragement, a vote of confidence, and who knows, they might
even drop some nuggets of wisdom that will inspire you to move forward.

And that’s why we focus so much on community building here at eSmart Academy.
We are all humans, and we are creatures with emotions.
I’m not perfect, and definitely not gonna be perfect, but mastering our emotions is a muscle that we need to constantly train and

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