How thick can you cut with a #5 scrollsaw blade?

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In my case as thick as I can fit under the scroll saw arm.

I cut these a few days ago just to see if I could do it. The large
Reindeer was cut from a piece of 2x8 yellow pine approximately
.2x1-1/2 inches. The smaller reindeer is cut from 3/4 inch oak.
I forgot to allow for the tape. When you cut these you need to tape some of the pieces back on. At one point this made it too thick to fit under the lowest part of the arm on my scroll saw. Duh! Too late and then back
legs are a little off.
I cut both reindeer with a #5 skip tooth blade. There are a couple of burned spots on the pine deer because the blade was getting dull. Next time I'll change blades about halfway through.

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Ace864 says
It would be nice if you had posted some pictures of your woodworking art. It is a little bit hard to understand what you are talking about from your description. I also do woodworking from time to time. Recently, my friend asked me to help him to make some pieces of art for his wife on their wedding anniversary. I’m looking for some inspiration and ideas. But also I realize that I need to get a new saw and blades for it. I found a few options suitable for me on I just cannot decide which one to choose. They all seem good enough for me.
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