What kind of glass is wire mesh laminated glass?

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Glass is a kind of inorganic nonmetal material which is widely used and widely used at present. It can be used in architecture, daily use, art,
surface and other fields. In addition to the commonly used toughened
glass and printing glass, there are also optical glass, dimming glass
and other types that require higher skills.To get more news about wire mesh laminated glass, you can visit boegger.net official website.
What kind of glass is wire mesh laminated glass?
Wire mesh laminated glass is a kind of composite glass product, which is
composed of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched with one or more
layers of polymer central film of agricultural production system. After
special high-temperature pre pressing (or vacuumizing) and
high-temperature and high-pressure process, the glass and the central
film are bonded into one. The glass with silk is made by sandwiching
between two pieces of glass a number of middle-level films, such as
paintings or silk, or patterns that customers like.
The glass is not easy to be penetrated under the impact, and the glas
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