What is LMS ?

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LMS stands for learning management system(LMS). It is a software application which is needed for the administration,
authentication, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational
courses, training programs and learning and development programs. The concept
was directly derived from e-Learning. Learning Management System make up the
biggest segment of the learning system market. LMS was first introduced in the
late 1990s.
Learning management systems were devised toidentify training and learning gaps, utilizing analytical data and reporting. Other
than acting as an online learning delivery system, learning management systems support
a wide variety of uses, such as acting as a platform for online content. An LMS
may provide classroom management for instructor-led training or a flipped
classroom, which is commonly used in the higher education sector.
Advantages of LMS :-
·        Interoperability
·        Accessibility
·        Reusability
·        Persistence
·        Maintenance ability
·        Adaptability
Use of LMS by teachers and students:-
Through LMS, teachers may create andintegrate course materials, vocalize learning goals, align content and
assessments, track studying progress of students and create personalized tests for
students. Learning management system permits the communication of learning
objectives and organize learning timelines.
What is DTH LMS:-
DTH stands for Direct to Home. DTH LMS is an absolutely secured andadvanced Learning management system.
How DTH LMS works:-
A teacher can create his/her own coursewith the help of DTH LMS and can even frame test series, MCQ and study
materials. He/ She needs to record lectures of a particular subject in a
certain setup. DTH LMS first encrypts the video lectures and then compresses theencrypted videos with the help of DTH Encryptor. The teacher can then manually
assign the encrypted video
to the students or may link API with the website.Faculty can decide validity video wise or course wise, block any student if
they wish to, view attendance, conduct exams and add role based staff
Featuresand Benefits of DTH LMS: -
Ø  OurEncryptor Compress, Convert and Encrypt in single click.
Ø  Sameencrypted video can be played on all platforms - Android, Windows, Mac andIOS.
Ø  Create your own Courses, Subjects and Batches. Auto Email and SMS issent to students.
Ø  Assign Students in one simple manner from anywhere anytime.
Ø  Completecontrol on students’ course views & expiry. You can block user /particular
file any time.
Ø  Highend security, i.e., screen mirroring, screen grabbing is prohibited.
Ø  Player does not play on VM ware or Virtual Pc + floating user detailswatermark.
Ø  Providesstudents the Study Material both video wise and subject wise.
Ø  Assignedand collect Home Tasks from students inside the app.
Ø  AssignMCQ Tests and Video Backups.
Ø  Reachstudents with News, Banners & Notifications.
Ø  EasyMachine Transfer with remaining play time in case of lost, formatting or pc
Ø  Playershave the facilities to vary playback speed/volume, forward/backward, etc.
Ø  VerySimple representation of classes in the DTH app.
Ø  Whilewatching the lectures, students can create notes in the app.
Ø  Chatwith faculty as well as technical support.
Ø  Whitelabelling/ branding available.
Ø  Auto-registerstudents by linking your website with API.
Ø  Userbased Role Management.
Ø  CourierManagement.
Ø  FullyAutomated and no need for dedicated manpower for monotonous work.
Ø  MultipleFacilities on Online Portal.
Ø  Createyour own expiry, permission of hours, views etc. as per need.
Ø  TrackIP during registration
Ø  RealTime history of playback in simple tabular format (*even for offline based*)
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