So your going to have fun at concert but... You can't hear vocals. WTF

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I have been to several concerts that were not so good. I could not hear the vocals.  How many times have you been to a big venue or even a small one and you can not hear vocals?
Now nothing against foo fighters but I saw them and another big name band at a certain venue and I could
not hear vocals. how often does this happen? I have seen local bands in small venues and could not hear their vocals. do they know what a soundcheck is? 

now not judging the quality of music but just the quality of soundcheck and I would have to say Aerosmith was the best soundcheck band I saw. The vocals were as clear as day. it was in a bigger venue. How often does this happen when vocals are not loud enough? 

I would think vocals being a bit too loud is better than not loud enough. when you go to concerts do you notice a difference in sound checks? 

have you noticed drums being too loud or one instrument too loud? I say nothing is worse than vocals not being able to be heard. Maybe the singer is not as confident in their singing.

I guess you would want lower vocals for some types of music.

Posted 2 days ago

Nortman says
the vocal topic is tough for every concert, dunno why but all concerts i've been too had problems with soundcheck
Posted 2 days ago

Striker1s says
I've never encountered such problems, the only problem for me was too loud sounds
Posted 2 days ago

GroovEye says
Now I remember the old times when we get altogether and enjoyed festivals. Just back to 2019 I remember organizing a huge for my local community hippie festival
Posted 2 days ago

Striker1s says
me too, it was one of my favorite activities, every weekend was the time I organize something interesting for my local community, every party, every festival was organized by me, I have pretty nice leadership skills and my imagination is truly bright. In 2019 I've also organized a hippie festival, I've even ordered a real stage from, the party was really nice, the atmosphere was just adorable and we all felt like family together. However, these times have passed away, now we can't even hug each other, we're obliged to wear masks and take care of our health and everyone's else who surrounds us. I'm wondering when we can get back together and party?...
Posted 2 days ago

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