Measurement and Control Mode of Egg Breaker

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During the operation of the egg breaker, the mixer rotates at a high speed to force the egg breaker. The mixed materials are fully contacted
and rubbed vigorously to realize the functions of mixing,
emulsification, expansion, and partial removal of water. Because the
viscosity of the mixing material is lower than that of the mixing
material, the speed of the egg breaker is higher than that of the dough
mixer, generally in the range of 70-270r/min, which is called a
high-speed mixer.To get more news about egg breaking machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.
The egg breaker is mostly manual vertical type, consisting of a mixer, a container, a rotating device, a container lifting mechanism,
and a base. Measure and measure the concentration of the solid-liquid
mixture in the container, that is, the viscosity, and control the
rotation speed of the rotating device. The most commonly used viscosity
measurement sensor is an acceleration sensor.The sensor on the rotating
device collects the concentration information on the controller and
adjusts it through the feedback section. Usually, the voltage
information is fed back to the control device to adjust the high and low
voltage speed. Here we apply negative feedback knowledge to the
principle of automatic control.

Generally speaking, when the egg breaker detects a high concentration, it needs to increase the rotation speed. The feedback
signal returns to know that the concentration is low, and then the speed

After understanding the measurement and control mode of the egg breaker, let’s take a look at how to do the maintenance work of the egg

An egg breaker is a machine. It is necessary to perform routine maintenance on the machine. Only in this way can the service life of the
machine be extended. Egg products are a kind of snack food that we all
like. For many family egg breaker, some friends do not know how to
protect them.

Friends who have seen the egg breaker know that the body and parts of the egg breaker are made of stainless steel. Pay attention to
cleaning after use to ensure the cleanliness of the breaker and prolong
the service life of the egg breaker. In addition, it should be noted
that the power must be unplugged when not needed to avoid damage to the
egg breaker.

Posted 19 Jan 2021

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