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THE surgical mask, also known as a medical face hide, is intended to be worn by scientific research during healthcare procedures. Surgical masks are meant to prevent infections in clients and treating personnel through catching bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth and nostril. They are not made to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne bacteria or viruses whose particles are smaller sized, but could be sterile because viruses on droplets are usually filtered-out. There is a predominance regarding evidence that surgical masks protect the wearer and persons at the wearer from the distribution of viruses
 Application: Regarding common medical environment use. It helps users include their mouth, nose along with jaw, providing a physical isolation with the exhaled contaminant from mouth and nose.
Direction people:
1. Position the colored side in the mask outward, make sure the nose clip is at the front of the mask and position ed resistant to the bridge of your nasal area.
2. Hold the hide by both ear loops in addition to place one loop above each ear.
3. Mold the bendable nose clip into the shape of your nasal area by pinching and pressing down it using your fingers.
4. Pull the underside of the mask around your mouth and face, ensure the mask match snugly.
Renault group (RG for short) is a group company covering 30000?integrating inside medical devices, new supplies, project investment and type incubation.
RG owns the capacity of: surgical hide: 10million/day, folding type PPE: 20million/day, glass type mask: 5million/day. RG’s items are including: ASTM Level 3 surgical mask, EUROPEAN type IIR surgical mask, all kinds of washboard masks; medical N99 stage, FFP3 cup-type, duckbill kind, folding type mask; medical N95level, FFP2 cup-type, folding type mask and KN95 cover. RG strictly follows ISO 9001, ISO 13485 excellent management system, US and EU standards for many production, owns certifications pertaining to foreign markets. RG has become the bases of international along with domestic Epidemic Prevention Fabric Deployment Organization.  disposable face mask 
Posted 24 Feb 2021

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