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Metal stamping, also referred to as metal pressing in some industries, is the process of creating two-dimensional metal components from a sheet
of metal using a stamping tool or die. Raw pieces of unblemished sheet
metal are fed through a stamping press and altered by the die to produce
a high volume of identical components. Metal stamping is a quick
process that can produce a high volume of identical components in a
short amount of time.To get more news about metal stamping china, you can visit official website.

Blanking involves cutting pieces out of a piece of sheet metal using a
die. It creates clean components, or blanks, that can undergo further
processing by the stamping press or other machinery.

During this process, a technician places a piece of metal between a die
and punch in a stamping machine, and then uses the tip of the punch to
penetrate the material and bend it. This process is repeated to relieve
internal stresses throughout the component. When flexed, a coined
material should not exhibit any spring-back effects.

Curling is a technique wherein a hollow and circular roll is introduced
to the component. The curl is stronger than the rest of the component
and safer to handle.

Primarily used in the creation of electronic components, drawing is a
process that uses tensile force to shape the component into a desired
thickness and shape. During the drawing process, blanks are drawn over a
die, slowly stretching them and manipulating them into a new structure.

Blanks can be embossed by both raising and recessing the sheet metal
components. Embossing is a process referring to the creation of
recessions or protrusions in the component, which is achieved by passing
the blank along a roller die or against a die with the desired shape.

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