Know your snoring Symptoms that are hidden more dangerous than you think

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Did you know that snoring It is considered the main symptom of sleep apnea. It is caused by the narrowing of some of the early respiratory ?????????????????? organs. Which snoring is one of the more dangerous symptoms than you think. Therefore, we have brought some interesting content about snoring to share with everyone. To be able to take care of yourself not to face the dangers that may arise from snoring.
What is snoring?
Snoring is a major symptom of sleep apnea. Which is caused by a narrowing of some of the upper respiratory organs And the severity of snoring can be examined through the Sleep Test, which is a method that can determine the level of risk that is life threatening.
Causes that cause snoring
Snoring is caused by the looseness of the muscles of the pharynx and neck wall. Which will happen while sleeping Thus causing the obstruction of the respiratory system at some point. And cause vibration of the muscles, soft palate tissue, pharyngeal wall, base of tongue and uvula. Therefore, when the respiratory system narrows. Will make breathing through the area to make a sound Until it turned into snoring
People at risk for snoring
For those at risk of developing snoring and at risk of developing sleep apnea are as follows:
1. Found in both male and female. But mostly in males
2. Found in women who are in menopause.
3. Those with a crooked face, deformed chin, or a crooked nose.
4. Has a narrow nasal structure.
5. Have a body weight that exceeds the standard. Because it narrows the airways
6. People with diabetes, kidney disease, allergies and heart disease.
7. People who take drugs that affect muscle stiffness.
Snoring symptoms that should see a doctor
For snoring symptoms that require a doctor's attention are those with snoring who wake up in the middle of the night to find air to breathe. Have fatigue Dizziness in the morning Lethargy during the day And have decreased sex drive Which such symptoms are caused by that snoring Should be examined for a doctor to diagnose snoring further.
The most dangerous of snoring
If talking about the greatest danger posed by snoring Would inevitably escape the severe sleep apnea It is a condition that results in complications at risk of death, such as coronary heart disease, heart attack, or if a person with snoring already has heart disease. It will increase the likelihood of dying while sleeping.
Basic remedies for snoring
Remediation of non-dangerous snoring Anyone can do this with the following basic fixes.
1. Adjust the new position With the head higher than the body
2. Control your weight to the standard level.
3. Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking.
4. Keep exercising regularly.
5. Get 7-8 hours of sleep a day.
6. Avoid taking drugs that cause drowsiness.
It can be seen that although snoring is seen as a minor health problem. But in fact Snoring is more dangerous than everyone thought. Therefore, it should not be ignored and should pay close attention to the nature of the symptoms that occur. To see a doctor and receive treatment Along with doctors can continue to diagnose the disease
Posted 18 May 2021

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