What Interview Questions Would Interest You?

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Here's a good chance to have your opinion impact the site! The Indie Hackers
interviews are great, but I'm looking to mix it up a little more.If you could add anything to the question set, what would you add? What questions do you wish we asked? What kind of info do you feel like
the interviews are missing?
Posted 19 Oct 2021

silvialong says
A site would be better to provide more profound information about interviews. Many of them could be specific; this is why they need a personal approach. I've tried many ways to get into the work field, but I couldn't because the interviews were too scary. I was the best in my course while learning, but I ended up without any job for a whole year while my classmates were working. After looking on https://www.softwaretesttips.com/sql-interview-questions/, I found important information for me, and it worked out because they were talking more specifically about my job.
Posted 19 Oct 2021

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