Peeks Of Spring

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Cold north wind is about to change,
to a milder southeast direction.
Good bye to frost and bitter cold,
and all of winter's imperfection.

The pure white snow has blackened,
along the highway and interstate.
Purple crocus peek through the snow,
please hurry Spring do not be late.

This morn I awoke to lots of honking,
but it did not sound like a car.
Geese fly back from winter's journey,
flying high back home from afar.

The stream is no longer frozen over,
water trickles gently down the hill.
Soon catfish will jump in the moonlight,
ripples in water that once stood still.

Time to say goodbye to old man winter,
let us welcome the colorful celebration.
April showers will soon be on their way,
visions of beauty consume imagination.
Posted 29 Apr 2009

~Fragi~ says
Posted 09 May 2009

~tasha~ says
Posted 09 May 2009

~Fragi~ says
oh u r welkum bacha...
Posted 10 May 2009

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