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My words speak upon these pages,
for all the world to see.
From deep within this heart of mine
you gently opened with the key.

You all read and say a job well done,
and wait for the next verse.
As I await life's long setting sun,
in words of prose immerse.

Beneath my words betwixt and tween,
my emotions hidden well.
Disguised, piercing eyes have seen,
they see but do not tell.

They wait for another chapter told,
of a tomorrow or yesterday.
For love on me has a strangle hold,
it has taken my breath away.

As verses spill out my thoughts for you,
filling me up with love's rhyme.
Sweet words are all, till there with you,
it is just a matter of time.

Readers of romance still wanting more,
searching between each line.
Wondering who is this writer of words
who captured this heart of mine.
Posted 29 Apr 2009

~Fragi~ says
antha nice sharing
Posted 09 May 2009

~tasha~ says
Posted 09 May 2009

~Fragi~ says
oh u r welkuuuum
Posted 10 May 2009

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