Do you know knowledge of cleanness of real wood floor how many?

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Wooden floor the favour that waited for a characteristic by force to get a lot of customer with natural and beautiful, wear, become a floor to decorate the first selection of material, how should consumer answer floor of the wood in the home to decorate? How to face summertime high temperature and rainy climate to undertake science, reasonable maintain wooden floor? Depend on dry cleanness to maintaining a key of wooden floor daily, wooden floor should have Zhang Ke follow only in summertime daily attention can, what should maintain wooden floor as a whole is sufficient and dry spend with cleanness, must not use the mop that contains a water to pull the land, cannot use suds to brush a floor more, avoid to destroy exterior paint. During the summer is rainy, door window should be closed instantly before going out every time, after avoiding rainwater to go in wringing wood floor, should notice more when the summer bathes, must not wear wet slipper to be in a room to-and-fro, often give room all wind even at the same time, otherwise long-term and wet room appears very easily an arch, become warped the series problem such as the edge. Be about to often remove dirt additionally, especially often the place of trample wants great attention to keep clean, can put a blanket, if floor surface touched besmirch to be about to keep clear of in time carelessly, can dip in with dishcloth a few washing powder is clear, clean clean instantly next, if once had caustic thing,be aspersed on wooden floor,should be in give for a short while cleared, avoid thorough woodiness lining, if defend floor of not deep wood had mould spot to wanted to notice, the option is soft blanch fluid to undertake cleaning, wipe, reoccupy dry dishcloth comes wipe up can. Besides nurse daily outside cleanness, every other half an year wants to wax to wooden floor, wax will rise to wooden floor add lustre to, moistureproof, insect-resistant wait for action. Wood plastic composite panel fence panel kit 6 pieces Building Wind Resistant Fences Wood Plastic Composite Decking Jakarta
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