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is no less than cherry and other high-end varieties, and another flavor. Applies to the living room in the home, study, furniture, decoration. 6. Cherry wood Country of origin: North America, the United States mainly to the United States, the eastern region, the main commercial forest distribution in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and New York General characteristics: heartwood from deep red to light Reddish brown, texture straight, fine lines with narrow brown medulla and tiny tree capsules, fine structure. The average density of 580kg / cubic meter, the proportion of 0.58. & nbsp; & nbsp; Wooden panel features and classification Xiaobian introduced here, hope to help everyone. Learn more about building materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Scandinavian furniture is known for its simplicity. It has a very strong postmodernism and a smooth line design. It represents a kind of fashion, returning to nature, advocating the original flavor of wood, plus modern, practical and exquisite artistic design style, reflecting the modern city People into a new era of a certain orientation and melody. Designers in the design of the main white + black + wood color for the indoor main colors, through the designer's mix, even more Nordic atmosphere, simple, natural. Construction area: 87 square meters apartment layout: two rooms and two hall a Wei design the cost of plastic composite fence
panel garden fence
build outdoor wood arches bench
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