The ways of adding power to cartridge

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[code]?At present, there are two ways to add powder to the toner cartridges: cutting, adding powder, disassembling and adding powder. Hole plus powder method is simple and fast, but its disadvantage is that you can not remove the waste toner, can not check and clean the internal parts of the cartridge, the seal will not cause serious leakage of toner cartridge, add the number of powder can not be too much.

Demolition plus powder is in accordance with the reverse process cf230a production and assembly. Open the cartridge, the drum and cleaning roller out, you can see each end of the drum cartridge has a pin for the connection. Pull the pin out from the inside out to separate the toner cartridge into two parts. Secondly, carefully take out the magnet roller and spring, clean the silo and the powder attached to the magnet roller. Shake the toner evenly to the powder from the position of the magnetic roller into the bunker, you can also uncover the plastic lid from the side of the cartridge to join. After adding powder and then remove the components back to the original way. Drum powder, both to protect the environment, but also make full use of resources. Because the price of toner cartridges is more expensive, the price of toner cartridges are mostly around 400 yuan, if the printing is frequent, relatively speaking, the cost is still relatively "considerable", while the cartridge plus powder is the consumables to reduce the cost of about 70% . The key is to ensure the use of effect, pay attention to the cartridge life is generally not more than 4 times, the full amount of toner cartridge capacity of about 95% of the original, and add the price of powder is only about 1/3 of the original price.

Cartridge re-manufacturing process in general can be divided into simple re-manufacturing and long life re-manufacturing. Simple re-manufacturing is also the process of powdering, and what we call re-manufacturing is usually testing, repairing, and replacing parts after disassembly (see Figure 6), and re-manufactured products are tested one by one to achieve The same new functional process. Re-manufactured cartridges on the market after the equivalent of 70-80% of the price of new products, so strong market competitiveness. Long life re-manufactured that put long life photosensitive drum, the life of photosensitive drum up to 7500-10000 pieces of paper, equivalent to the sum of the life of three original cartridge. Re-manufactured cartridge price is the original cartridge 1/2 or even 1/4.[/code]

Posted 12 Feb 2018

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