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Wang Jin Hai, of cannon factory to act as to explain in detail member, 47-year-old Wang Jin Hai is one of the technique experts who livings to
go to Germany to learn a soldier together work design and Michael Jordan Women's Jersey manufacturing with Su Hong, before have been allowing to design
director in the gold Ling cannon factory in the manufacturing bureau,
the gold Ling makes a bureau after the revolution because close down for
a long time, a lot of be like him the technique worker like this breaks
living a while, just at that time man sun factory the extension dig a
person everywhere, and return double price, so big parts of technique
frameworks in the factory all arrived at Chinese sun.
"Now how yield is."
The familiar military authority of Wang Jin Hai is represented
recently, the in the mind also ambiguously knows to have a war and sees
Yang Qiu affirm this more and hurriedly says:"Return to commander, Michal Rozsival Women's Jersey the gun factory day and night can produce now 200 pay 12 type rifles,
the pistol factory is 50.Cannon factory the cannon tube is all
ready-made, so every month can produce 50 trench mortars, 15 seven
living infantry cannon, 5 heavy type seven living five wild cannons,
what you went fetch lately ten living five howitzer diagram paper we
just in the research, currently only 1909 types that can imitate to
build a gram of Lu uncle to provide a technique ten living five
howitzers, the worker hasn't touched deeply so is most 2 monthly, new
cannon also at least at the end of the year just can kind cannon."
"What about machine gun?"See to walk to the machine gun factory
doorway, Yang Qiu stopped a step to take Cai E et al to walked into.
"Man two light Nick Schmaltz Women's Jersey machine guns(man an according to the cloth Lun type improve behind of
re- assign name to) monthly ability 100 stand, lately light man three
heavy machine gun every month 6 stand, the tommy gun in brief and easily
builds everyday can get 100."The sea tangle everyone of Wang Jin walks
to arrive most inside the scale isn't big of heavy machine gun car,
central long table up put a pretty the style strange but again make Cai E
some familiar of heavy machine gun, three legs are changed decorous
double of legs, the water cold set of tube also narrowed a lot, the
machine box also obviously passed by improvement to narrow a physical
These are man's three heavy machine guns that the MG 8/15 diagram
paper that takes out according to Yang Qiu imitates to build, mainly
used for overall replacement each troops use currently of 7.92
millimeters of mark Qins.Liu Qing En and Yang Qius studied juniors to go
to a little bit greatly modify together, not only than prototype more
lightly also more vivid, change 7.62 millimeters of bullets of using the
make type, canceled full-automatic mode, increased rate of speed
machine, for kept a long-term stability to shoot to soon reserve a cold
set of tube of water but let up a physical volume, adopt 100 deliver
small caisson to be provided to play, but don't seem to be past every
time and carry on the shoulder the caisson of 250 hairs run everywhere, Patrick Kane Women's Jersey although the national defense soldier isn't likely to so and in great
quantities equip a heavy machine gun to Europe, for toughenning to make a
troops or reserving a heavy machine gun production line.
"The ammunition day and night can produce 76 bullets 60,000 hairs now,
each kind of shell is 4000, the detonator is 5000, the hand grenade is
2500, Chinese Chuan explosive the factory bought from Germany and the
United States of raw material after,
Posted 24 Feb 2018

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