exclusively probe troops

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He is simple, go toward Ta river a shrink can temporary report to protect is no hindrance, can we with 29 trip retract to suppress teacher
to doom!Because we still have Shanxi and Shaanxi!From these days of see
opposite fighting strength, Aaron Dell Authentic Jersey can can not hold up against from strand and Shaanxi just
strange!National defense soldier once taking down a Tong pass, Yan tin
mountain that person who bends with the wind necessarily transfer a Jin
soldier match and return to suppress teacher to meet to face Jin
soldier, Tong pass and south noodles three sides to attack from both
flanks, we this miscellaneous card teacher is certain to die!"
"What to do then?Is difficult don't become direct recall Zheng Zhou
Kaifeng?Military order cannot be disobeyed, the temple protects meeting
first essentials our head!"
Withdraw Brent Burns Authentic Jersey also not go don't withdraw nor go, the Peng life Xin is really a bit
hasty, but Wu Pei Fu keep calm, the vision stops at Tong pass:"Lao Tze
doesn't want to die, so the best way is to rob a Tong pass first!Block
up national defense soldier in Shaanxi goes down south of road, force
Yan tin the mountain don't dare to begin!"
The Peng life Xin exactly also protects to settle college graduation
and hear here suddenly frighten jump:"Son jade, you are crazy!Don't
suppress the words of teacher, Chen Huan's side wing doomed!"
Wu Pei Fu deeply absorbs tone, the slap claps at the Tong
close:"Make us suppress teacher, then drive break national defense
soldier and Jin soldier of pass but three sides attack from both flanks,
don't two day, Chris Tierney Authentic Jersey everyone dooms!Wanting Yao to block up a Tong pass to fight is a , Chen
Huan Lao Tze's blocking up a Tong pass is to save him, otherwise wait
yellow river to be cut off."
A few mallard Pu water Xis make before the shore duck river mouth in
the north of Baihe, and suddenly spread in forest from the flank of
know the Suo voice disturbed them and quickly rushed toward a wing to
south the shore visit.
Three soldiers who wear steel helmet bend the body to drill a forest
check over on all sides after confirming a safety, morely know Suo
voice from spread behind, more than ten soldiers flooded Joe Pavelski Authentic Jersey in river bank after a short moment, would drink off quickly first of
canteen fill up after, and then washed to wash face with the clear
water.River water of breathing that still takes to have winter lets
their spirit one earthquake, take out dry ration food side to eat side
to walk to the distance Fu cow mountain.
This is a standard national defense soldier 16 people to probe a
class and belong to two teachers 4 trips to probe to connect.Republic
period the local troops was basic don't exclusively probe troops,
usually all depend ride a soldier to spread out to investigate a
circumstance, but because Yang Qiu's relation, national defense soldier
from very early set up to probe infantry for the beginning set, and the
biggest Xiang pond train a base to set up to probe a soldier training
class currently in the national defense soldier, the teaching material
is also Yang Qiu to write by himself/herself, certainly this be just
common probe troops, regardless is purpose and ways to all differ from
hunter's troops.
Posted 26 Feb 2018

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