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Jiang Fang shakes to continue to say:"The affair of east camp is still pulling skin, come little premier Chuan especially idea call say, Japan
may suppress this very much bad spirit, according to their tradition
see, this tone sooner or later wants to vomit, so the commander predicts
that the northeast may want to face 3-5 threats of divisions very much
here after a year!"
"3-5 divisions!"
Zhang Zuo Lin pours Malcolm Jenkins Youth Jersey to absorb a people's air conditioner, Japanese army's war power he is
very clear, Japanese now is a domestic to have no money to beat not to
rise, but if beat, 3-5 divisions absolutely have an ability one mouthful
to swallow the whole northeast!If Russia also loots, the northeast
really needs to change sky.
No wonder that Yang Qiu hold firmly time adjusts soldier to send
toward here will, be think two division sets set up to compete first
occupy advantage before completing in Japan.
Zhang Zuo Lin first half generation son can say all to lick blood in
the edge of knife, is also a very hot role, Japan this kind of was big
activity to on the contrary arise his temper and grind teeth a
way:"Soldier's coming to will block water to come to soil Yan, 35
teachers are really difficult to tie up, but as long as Russia hair son
this time not participate, the gun in the Lao Tze's hand also not is
build a fire stick!"
"Does not Russia participate?"
Jiang Fang shook Marcus Smith II Youth Jersey to read a sentence and also had some to worry a this insolently
ambitious northern neighbor, although Yang Qiu's oath solemnly pledged
says Russia have no does the opportunity participate,will is true?See
from the previous activity, Russia doesn't participate is almost
impossible, that why does he still swear so?
Mukden because is several thousand since then of national defense
soldier gradually Russia two confrontation from the day become three the
situation battled out of at the same time, a pays very small cavalry to
also get into northland a farthest city.
"Head, Harbin arrived."
Masquerade into Mike Martin Youth Jersey the businessman's square Rui of furriery to silently uncover wagon
cloth screen, hope distance be full of the building of Russian romantic
feeling, he immediately presents to have two phrases, railroad in Middle
East and Bolshevik in brain!The Harbin city sky in morning rose many
thick smokes, sand Russia captured next Harbin to make use of railroad
establishment in Middle East to have many blood and sweats to colonize
factory, and among them, all of big parts are the organizations that
contributes efforts to far east region in sand Russia.
The railroad total factory(vehicle factory in Harbin) in Middle East
is one of Harbin's biggest factories, can carry on check to fix and
support to four railroad trains at the same time here, this kind of Mike Quick Youth Jersey works was all put before the sea cucumber Wei is open to traffic along
with railroad in Middle East, particularly the that day Russia war fails
after Russia strengthened the construction here and had already owned
more than 2,000 Chinas work and went together with from the whole Russia
hair of technique worker.
Of so enlarge here but not is to build in the sea cucumber Wei, in
addition to wanting to strengthen the control to Harbin and northeast,
another reason is China work cheapness, use some breads and sour pickled
cabbage, the match rifle can own large numbers of can work every day
ten how many hours of coolie.
Posted 03 Mar 2018

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