this to cut off an airtight technique

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silently hide into foreign steamer and prepare to steal to the United States, run into classmate just Tang Shao Yi take him to Korea, and
whence turn a Japan and re- return the United States and complete
studies, and become an outstanding engineer, he feels keenly and returns
to to also develop after the graduation learn, and then fear back be
listed Jamie McGinn Authentic Jersey as wanted by the pure government, simply stay at the United States
The period of work is enjoyed a way most of was him participation to
design big bridge in American famous Brooklyn, also invented Zheng Shi
Che whom the train is used to hook and the expansion that gets Zhan
Tian's bless, the big bridge constructs to complete behind he drive the
United States west the house company invite as a machine designer.
The ability asks he come back Yang Qiu to also spend very big idea,
at the beginning programming in Chongqing behind start a full world
looking for person, Zhan Tian blessed to immediately recommend him, Jarred Tinordi Authentic Jersey but Zheng Ting Xiang still starts not to believe that the domestic can
make so big industry, until Tang Shao Yi also writes a letter in person
after coming to southwest and sent Chinese sun and new photograph in
Chongqing taking down to him to just change idea.First, is the kindness
that feels grateful in those early years Tang Shao Yi, plused photograph
elucidation to come back from making a detour in France after
considering repeatedly, oneself not only came back but also brought back
together at west the house company worked of big son and Jordan Martinook Authentic Jersey a few trips the United States Chinese people student, became the Zhang
disciple of company in Chongqing.
"The Du that this is the aluminum factory to make by himself/herself
pulls aluminum."The introduction way of Zheng Ting Xiang:"I felt that
the steel factory generated electricity quantity to still have rich
remaining to add metal aluminum processing plant while burning a knot
stove toward the United States purchase last time, the United States
heard behind free technique for presenting Du to pull aluminum, however
among them the Cui fire craft was ourselves."
In fact Du's pulling aluminum to synthesize formula is no longer a
secret this age, the United States has already carried out to make
aluminum tube to wait an industrial product with it, also the nobody
specially keeps secret, because the Du in this ages pulls aluminum still
could not reach the strength of making the airplane, and is the age
that the steel talks currently, Justin Peters Authentic Jersey need significantly aluminum of consuming the electric power minority of
nations be also canned use, so the price is more expensive than steel,
Zheng Ting Xiang puts forward to want this technique American steel
company want to have never thought and then packed to present.
Is another so generous main the reason is to there is no Cui fire
craft in the United States!Only after Cui fire the Du pull aluminum
tenacity and strong and tough degree to significantly rise, the whole
world also only has Germany to control this to cut off an airtight
technique, is counteracted to manufacturing together currently dirigible
airship framework in Berlin.
But this stanza aluminum tube of hand is obviously a craft after Cui
fire!This how may?
See Yang Qiu looking at himself/herself, Zheng Ting Xiang hurriedly
puts to say with smile:"Deputy president don't encourage me, material's
synthesizing Xiang in the technique court has never studied haphazardly,
this is an Austrian engineer thanks you his daughter connect to
contribute of.
Posted 03 Mar 2018

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