the game of international politics

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Zhan's receiving to lead troops and entertaining guest is completely two people and lead troops the top and Jiang Fang an earthquake extremely
alike, the Lyu is personal, careful and assiduous, earnest, Corey Perry Women's Jersey also really take good care of to the soldier, but entertain guest up
particularly Mian Tian, is like boy's sort that hasn't grown up to take
off the hat Nao Nao head to say with smile:"If the quarter eldest
brother say that, you come me happy still too late."
The affair urgent quarter blessing becomes to also can not consider
of to exchange greeting more and chatted several airtight letters that
immediately took out Yang Qiu to all through the night deliver behind,
the Zhan received to reading the letter behind malicious malicious one
Ning eyebrow, his arriving isn't the life and death that cares small
emperor, but get angry with those reckless Japanese, Ryan Getzlaf Women's Jersey a strike table Nu to scold a way:"Japanese indeed as expected the wolf
sub- greed, no wonder that the commander always call them Japanese
"Do not take care of what devil not devil of, this drama we have to
play like!"The quarter blessing becomes to say:"I estimate to touch and
think that the words that begin are the best opportunities tomorrow,
because mayor Yan tomorrow is, the segment Qi Rui call° together us to
the train station accolade, even many foreigners all will attendance.Now
I a regiment take pistol in Tienjin, a regiment keeps watch on Tun
soldiers in all countries in the outer circle, in city in Peking only
one left, tomorrow and want to take out more than 100 persons greet a
mayor, so the Forbidden Ryan Kesler Women's Jersey City there and by all means wants to be slacken down, Japanese's
affirmation can't pass.
Since small emperor's wanting to walk us doesn't block as well and
return full receive behind he dares to make a mess of us also need not
again Be getting more polite!I am worried that the small emperor after
walking the Forbidden City will have trouble now, the eunuches of inside
can have no a few good things, the commander orders strictly to protect
an inch soils to all prohibit to take out of place, so."
Don't wait he to finish saying, the Zhan receives hurriedly
assurance way:"The quarter eldest brother trusts, the affair of
Forbidden City hands over to us."
There are 101 teachers that ensure Forbidden City peace or chaos,
quarter blessing's becoming this tone: heart bottom is on the whole to
relax, after finishing negotiating to act a project to urgently Patrick Kane Women's Jersey and in a hurry leave, the Zhan received to immediately terminate the
training in afternoon on one's own initiative and asked all of the
troopses to take a rest to resume physical strength and waited for
tomorrow big drama beginning.
At the beginning of in May most weigh big deal nothing is better than
in carry on of medium virtuous consociation military exercise and direct
jurisdiction city construction, the former is mainly the game of
international politics, the latter then continues the important preface
chapter of deepening the local reform.
The Yan tin mountain takes on a train not to calculate very happy,
he isn't that kind of the person who braves to expand, so leave old base
in the house in Shanxi behind and always feel not and dependably.
Posted 09 Mar 2018

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