infantry a wave of fall flop

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Quickly realize the virtuous sea of strange appearance remaining starts to grasp the field battle telephone issues order only and remains not
much of all of the infantry cannon twist toward husband's A.J. Reed Astros Jersey younger sister Ling, meanwhile square Wei also organization have all
machine guns, a pretty imitate MG 08/15 man two heavy machine gun lead
off the Si blare, every minute 600 hair of the speed formed a metal
natural cover before battlefield, close behind ten remaining the pretty
light machine gun also joined roars.The infantries also know that the
most dangerous time arrived, Alex Bregman Astros Jersey starting to copy all can battle of on the in front dugout, material
heap's an all of hand grenade were opened cover by the Ning.
"Carefully don't be come by their onrush!Beat for me!"
After being a to suddenly and violently drink, all of the light
heavy weapons inside the battlefield open, if Japan's Imperial Army's
infantry of pig Tu mows a wheat sort to fall flop, can Japan's Imperial
Army not Kui was said with stubborn Zhao, incredibly regardless of dead
and injured continue crazy Tu, see will Tu go into battlefield, the
teacher belongs to guard connect of the Andrew Aplin Astros Jersey tommy gun made effort, be seen as end together shield of they because
the ammunition is few, be hidden by snow after plusing the first-time
support of distance and artillery range, now this most dangerous time
nature already the nobody care a replenishment problem.
Husband's younger sister Ling front side not breadth, according to the
deployment of each 5 meters a tommy gun, the double row plays box 32
hairs again provide is farer high than Si and ascend 20 hair play Andy Pettitte Astros Jersey the thermodynamic power and speed of box, in a short instant those see
will complete and mount sudden attack of Japanese soldiers fall flop in
succession, let foot of a hill under of military officers like Huangs
wood Zhen men,etc in succession pour and absorb a people air conditioner
Chinese already wealthy arrive the situations of hand a machine
gun?This his mama returns Tu fart!
See own crack infantry a wave of fall flop, the flower farmland
little Zuo tooth almost bit into bit.However close behind arrival of the
second assault show everyone hope, about 100 was devoted to fierce
blunt Japanese infantry to hurtle Kua a while the left side of the
defense line, it is more and more big to see there indentation, the
Huang wood Zhen man just wanted while issuing order to concentrate
strength, one round and round fireball is abrupt however never the
distance Teng get empty but rise!
Posted 03 Apr 2018

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