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Is Japanese water the soldiers the return dodge denounce openly, but German airplane pilot keep jumping eyelid, to this sea eastern green
flaw necessarily report's going toward the personality fixing Kurt Suzuki Authentic Jersey somebody in dead is really to have no language, until Xue Mu Hua toward
he after shaking plane wing sail out of the room, just return to
absolute being come after the Japanese fleet sky rounds several turns
lazy ocean ocean homeward voyage.Because lost to bombard to investigate
balloon and all hydroplanes, added rattan Xian the Ji try at the first
fleet arrive to steep soup Kyle Gibson Authentic Jersey before all of the plan of polishing off fortress in Qingdao all forts
and plus to worry fleet's closing to near the bank too much will be
assaulted by shore cannon, have to issue order to temporarily stop
bombard to wait for a fleet a support the fleet arrives.
Take the offensive because an everyone has never seen of sea east
green end, it let to engage three squares all dumbstruck, but everyone's
emergence that hasn't thoughted of violent battleplane will give in the
future the war bring at this moment what change, even Yang Qiu didn't
pay attention to an aviation brigade too much as well currently, after
all a real of the air force can not Mason Melotakis Authentic Jersey be propped up by wood shelf, so also have no up to now will they alone
set soldier.
But the be over is also brief, when the German Army enter at
European Gao Ge Meng and depend on trench mortar and Si to ascend a
tommy gun set set up of violent connect the campfire dint arrive row two
days in advance than the history fortress for day bottom, fortress in
Qingdao is equally precarious, get a gold just the number supported of
Japanese fleet launches a most large-scale bombardment to Qingdao, fully
30 heavy types warship cannon a time of time devastated fortress, in
addition to position very and goodly in order to Si wheat southern fort
in Shanxi outside other forts all lose severity.
However both parties all know, the warship cannon can not obtain end
victory, so after gradually obtaining gunfire advantage, the absolute
being tail light minister and mountain pear half build the debarkation Matt Belisle Authentic Jersey tall ship that the chief of staff leads constitutes in more than ten
cruisers and the destroyers of escorting and organizing into teams
convoy the bottom came leisurely to arrive the Lao mountain gulf open
sea, due to lacking enough boats and ships even all jamed to wait for 18
division infantries of the debarkation on the warship.
Thousand cruiser year old narrow meeting the indoor, the absolute
being tail light minister lieutenant general hopes a turn of confident
military officer to carry to have wine cup:"Fight feeling everybodies
all have been already known, gulf behind of then the Mo has already been
paid that troops to capture, they build over there the wild diagram of a
lot of temporary works holds up me brave of stay a long while rice
division to step into military advance gum in Qingdao east!For the sake
of big Japanese Wu Yun prosperous, I hope that the everybody strives to
kill an enemy after going ashore and tells those that persons with the
big gun, the empire didn't°yet be weak is about time to be humiliated by
them !"
Posted 07 Apr 2018

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