currently local can take make moves

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See his beginning after a short while to return to walk, prepare to send telegram to contact to travel fluently then ask a local circumstance,
those cowardice with surrender to send even if think peace Adalberto Mejia Authentic Jersey negotiations!Can not looking at 21 trip regiments, either to all
together starve?But just come out not and far, after death suddenly
spread a cry.
"General!See quickly."
The big valley is pleased nine hide the moment of turning the head,
closely of shell the direction hit from the Lyu mountain.Recently
several factory concentrated the strength manufacturing is used for 160
millimeters of trench mortars that make up 150 amount of heavy
artilleries shortages the country direction also shot after the noodles
from the west, immediately full Bert Blyleven Authentic Jersey ears are all filled up an explosion voice.But his vision has already
not and uped attend to shell, because he sees burst upon one and follow
the black mark that the railroad line drives toward the this place in
the distance the horizon, along with black mark more and more near, far
from good felling moment from empress the ridge fear full whole body.
"Work well preparation!."
The big valley is pleased nine hide of shout in, 6 strange and
matchless large tractor-like in shape vehicles take 12 ash wolf armoured
vehicle to slowly drive to the brocade state city.For head that Brandon Kintzler Authentic Jersey of the upper part shoot inside the fortress, Xue Yue Duo wears feet to
yell to shout loudly acceleration.Unfortunately allow him to shout to
break throat, the thermodynamic power military watch tower of the foot
car is like to pull cart an old cow sort not not tightly slow.
Doesn't say Xue Yue to this, even have no Yang Qiu way, because this
is is unique currently local can take make moves of the track fight
vehicle and use the United States 77 type steams the tractor refit of
thermodynamic power military watch tower car.
Yang Qiu while at the beginning preparing to usher in an eye mutually
win this United States to produce a steam type the track weigh type
tractor, because he discovers this thing more although Zhang function
can not and the English method tank compare, similar to the huge monster
A7 V in Germany, the in view of the fact steam pushes forward so the
horsepower is violent to suit to refit very much.
Certainly, a steam tractor changes again to also become not to
become real tank, oneself can also have no too many choices under the
circumstance of technique shortage, so at a stretch imported several
ten, Brian Dozier Authentic Jersey 12 among them are used for to refit.The chimney moved a behind, long
long steam motorcycle nose drive steel plate completely wrap up, the
bridge house designs slope type, built the 1 F gunning fortress on the
bridge house, the whole gunning fortress about has the future
generations a sedan so greatly, 4 stand mark Qin heavy machine gun
according to front 2 each or so 1 decoration.The rear of the bridge
house still has a small scaled powder magazine, the whole bodywork in
addition to bottom all overalied 30 millimeters of thick steel plate of
all being worths, the total weight comes to a Hai the person's 42
tons!Incredibly stiller big than huge monster in Germany 2 tons.
Posted 10 Apr 2018

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