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Copper sets (bronze pieces) features
We look at the Phosphor bronze brass flange bushing(bronze pieces) in the use of the process in the end what unique features, now to analyze the characteristics of the copper sleeve lie, only a real understanding of the characteristics of the copper sleeve DX Oil Free Bushing where we when can we use it to ease the transition service providers, in order to avoid the use of errors generated when.

The Conveyor Bearing with Ball Bearing lubricant in copper matrix metal sleeve configured to develop oil-free DU bushing friction surface in the hole of the appropriate size expectations eased, and embedded graphite or molybdenum disulfide as a solid lubricant with automotive lubricants product attributes a downward direction, the solid lubricant is usually from friction surfaces of 20-30%. The principle of self-lubricating lubrication process JDB graphite copper sleeve sliding friction bearings and bearing shaft, the shaft of said graphite particles and the friction bearing surface somewhat ambitious, to form a stable solid lubricant separator shaft and bearing layer was transferred to prevent adhesive wear.

Guide sliding bearing and integrated non-metallic bearing material forward price, the performance advantages of complementary logistics industry, which is a metal of high load capacity, lubricity sector resulting friction material is expected copper sleeve, which is a reasonable combination.

Posted 11 Apr 2018

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