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See a Li dollar Hong complexion melancholy, he that doesn't know inside inside of reason.Win by country agency present position election a
matter of time just, but the president's is pending affects Aaron Blair Authentic Jersey much public.In fact he also comprehends Li dollar Hong rather and say
that affirmation that he serves as big president's one in the last years
to have no achievement is to open eyes blind.Although Yang Qiu does
one's own way to promote a new policy, in the domestic affairs and comb
local governmental affairs up all depend him with Tang Shao Yi.Just this
matter top currently who don't know that person's idea as well, so have
no from start to advise to have to say:"The big president need not feel
vexed, this matter eventually has a day to publish."
"Ha ha."The Li dollar Hong smiles a frank way:"The Zu An need not
comfort me.The Li is some to have no Sun Yat-sen's Qiao tongue, and have
no Yuan item city great talent, ability any the big president Adonis Garcia Authentic Jersey have already by luck belonged to and visit Hubei of today and the
prosperous view of the whole country at the time, if say Chen China not
station come out also really is don't in the past say."His words Tan Yan
also agree.Don't say background goodly Hubei, even if background not
good Hunan not just took place to turn over the variety that the sky
replies ground!The short few years are from an agriculture greatly the
province become a whole country Akeel Morris Authentic Jersey currently the biggest chemical engineering produce area, light this
ability isn't what ordinary people can accomplish.
"Yes!Is don't say that two, even if I so halfway the person of house
all unexpectedly will have today as well."Tang Shao Yi starts to carry
cup, is still that cultured moderate temperament.Continue to
say:"However if say that Chen China will stand out now,I feel not
"?Little Chuan how do this words speak?"The Li dollar Hong moved for
a while already unseen waist, expect in eyes of color one Shan and die,
even Tan Yan also sits to keep body.Although he keeps off the center
also very clear, Yang Qiu thinks greatly of an industry and business to
make a country strong very much, what to walk is a foreigner great
powers is that road, so the prime minister who has deep British and
American background is basic can the tall Zhen is without the
sorrow.Besides Yang Qiu all once said in the public situation by
himself/herself, can start to support the person of prime minister's
post at present very few, plus his behind and have already attended to
Wei young extraordinary talent supports, such as Jun and Shi Zhao Ji
etc., so Anthony Recker Authentic Jersey continue to form a cabinet is already almost certain.
Tang Shao Yi tidied up thoughts and feelings to say:"Two ideas that
haven't understood Chen China?Say to govern a country and fight to do an
industry and business, he everything masters in, the taste is more more
by long odds than us.With he now today's position, if have viewpoint
even if is just ourselves to have again who can say not word?Can he is
it happened that to have no so do, because he fears a miscellaneous
matter to tie up a body!"
Posted 12 Apr 2018

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