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the effect is very good, but price also cost a lot, a set of price can buy at least 10 sets of national defense army system type sand yellow
battles to take.It is said that have to from a local factory specially
made, Adam Jones Authentic Jersey printing to dye raw material has to also spend big price import from
Germany, and because the European War explosion causes to own world's
best dyestuff and chemical engineering of German be blockaded, this kind
of material currently even buy to all can not buy.
Zhang Hai Dong and war ally come from a low-key troops in the
national defense soldier, army independence 16 infantry trips probe a
camp.In fact the precursor of this troops is very well-known, it is
those early years Hang ambition the general lead and lead off to take
down a long sand, the national defense soldier that Hunan relieve sixth
trip.BE taking part in to restore peace to Aneury Tavarez Authentic Jersey people to suppress bandits, after unified southwest reach agreement the
combat of putting the whole country, the national defense soldier
changes the system after 16 trip be adjusted into have already divided
the line the thunder state peninsula of Guangxi to station, afterwards
again station in Hainan to surround the second largest island in
motherland.Such an eminent contribution troops has no to take part in a
Sino-Japanese War really is regret, but they also have no carefree,
always create a crack battle troops that exclusively is engaged in rain
forest and tropical zone region according to commander in chief's
request, and it is said that up have been already decided, after five
years 16 trip infantries travel the national defense army who will be a
vanguard to become the first garrison Taiwan.
Only be like him the Anthony Santander Authentic Jersey talented person like this is understand, in fact the commander in chief
spends several unlike the big trump card is little in 16 idea on the
trip bodies, also even more!Because arrive a material from the main
theme from the bush battle is almost what commander skill make come
out.Sometimes even he is just thinking, how does the commander
understand so many things?!The new materials that often take out enrich
to aim at sex very much, and don't say this body, several camouflages
that can ensure to confuse an enemy inside ten meters take, only simple
the Xues defending the mosquito nets that insect bites and taking the
soldiers of pore solved everyone's a lot of troubles.
The hardship of bush war is what ordinary people can not imagine,
count in the last years as the youth will of Zhang Hai Dong and war ally
always at grope for that very thick bush battle manual, but up to now
also the nobody dare to say to all control.Only open country existence
and food recognize and counteract poison a method etc. can write a huge
Zhao to emperor's emperor.Problem BE, Brad Brach Authentic Jersey this huge Zhao is unexpectedly had already taken out by the
commander!Say that the commander is the superior of bush war?The nobody
Food for powder after rounding to arrive together again take out
lunch meat can.This is also the modern style ration that just went
together with to belong to open country troops, it is said that that
this thing sells well Europe at present, only England and France
descended 10,000,005 kilograms packed the order of big bottle
especially!10,000,005 kilograms pack of big bottle lunch meat the
commander this time became rich again.
Posted 13 Apr 2018

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