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When Chen Hao Hui takes a load of moment that the son prepares to go out, the owners all start to respect a gift, because everyone knows ……he
probably can never come back!Big eyes in the blind side Jaime Garcia Authentic Jersey twinkle a quite a few bottom more and seem to miss an uncle again why
became a grandpa?Hereafter want to call an uncle or a grandpa?See the
shape that he leave to also silently follow "old vegetables agriculture"
to sneak into crowd to set up for to run away from disaster boldly rush
forward.Waited for a sedan finally appearing in the road end for three
years, that old man inside the car represented for an ages!As long as
having him in Japan and then can't sink, but if have no him, have no
western park temple again these elites will become what appearance after
Jason Grilli Authentic Jersey breaking Japanese political arena of generation?
Under the disguise of riot soldier especially the works Gao Han"the
sky put~to death""national traitor""hold up their protection to win a
fruit""persistence" etc. slogan, a few Japanese hand grenades suddenly
in the center blast open in the armed escort.The mountain county has
companion to suddenly open eyes, harsh countenance and flickering Nu
Chi:"BE who?"
"The Ge is old!Is a rebellious troops, they were us as to support
troops!Is very dangerous here, the vehicle target is too big, pleases
get off us to protect you to leave."The bodyguard grows very calm and
steady, part the conductor hold up "enemy" simultaneously in person run
in person protection.Even if everyone believes as long as seeing a car
head a chrysanthemum those rebellious troopses not to dare to begin, but
the nobody dares to take a risk now.
Mountain county's hasing companion equally doesn't dare and order to
stand down a sedan while heavily protecting and twist a head to see an
eye hand over fiery distance facial expression metal gray.
Gun voice and Jhoulys Chacin Authentic Jersey explosion let to run away from disaster crowd on all sides abrupt
however deep-fry, the bodyguard was long when the county protecting
mountain in person have companion to get off to prepare to make a detour
but forget dashing crowd of people on all sides, probably the
gentleness in the his eyes speaks that the citizen of gift can't have
injury."Eight Gas!Get away.""Protection, careful."
The bodyguards tighten conglobation and just flowed person to
partition with the body, but the accident has already taken place!Is a
drive crowd crowded bump to fall a blunt blunt old vegetables
agriculture to halloo "my vegetables, my vegetables ……", a lousy Luo
basket is pushed a mountain county to have companion feet not far
beside.Bend the body, the Tuo wears anxious eyes of full Jim Johnson Authentic Jersey face of"old vegetables agriculture" of back red blunt come over the
fruit he/she wants to protect oneself's pain, didn't expect bodyguard
long in order to worrying that seeing a form is malicious malicious a
kick pass by.
Is malicious malicious a kick waist after being last, just held tight
the old vegetables agriculture of Luo basket suddenly horizontal rolled
several steps, the bamboo in hand wove of the Luo basket a short moment
spread out, the vegetable scatters everywherely at the same time among
them quite a few root Mie slice's sewing laceration through the person
mountain county contain the clothes of companion, particularly is a scar
for still taking out blood that once rowed the back of the hand.
Posted 14 Apr 2018

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