relation is still very quite good

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But sea thin Er virtuous battalion commander dislike Nietzsche, because the French used thick parchment while printing to make Nietzsche's book,
the root could not go fetch to wipe a bottom.Certainly, Jim Rice Authentic Jersey he dislikes this task more:"Is this true?Let we does a camp protect big
bridge till tomorrow noon?God!There are two regiments in front of
French stupid goods!""Take out not to live more troopses, the relief
troops needed to just can arrive at the midnight, the railroad bridge is
count for much for our countercharges."
"Is all right, this is a task for damning."The nods, similar to all
German military officers full of grievances complaints before setting
out, but once connected an order after become resolute and firm
dispassion, Jimmie Foxx Authentic Jersey quickly worked well to set out preparation in his order next three
"Liu Ming Zhao." Way man you see each time the troops set out all
eyeful concussion, which fear this only is common of infantry camp.When
he sees be tidying up thing of Chinese class of immediately yell.Have to
say, he has much of language natural endowments, short several contact
can use Chinese that more accurate pronunciation is Liu Ming Zhao.
Liu Ming Zhao also knows each other way man, even the relation is
still very quite good, because body place war mire the pond want to get
the news of the external world and motherland have to the dependence Joe Kelly Authentic Jersey is these herald soldiers.Long Yun threw a pistol that paid to get from
French military officer hand to come over, Liu Ming Zhao passed after
answering to way man:" Way man corporal, this is the war booty that
sends to you."
"Is French stupid goods?"
"Is a colonel, we held tight him."
"Too stick, I like very much."At this time of way a man is still a
capable youth, have no too many racial discrimination ideas, all really
welcome to the persons who help an oneself nation.Certainly he Johnny Pesky Authentic Jersey also brought feedback and drew out from the portable packet thick thick
a fold newspaper up the eastern news shearing down pass to Liu Ming
Zhao.Body at ten thousand in of in the war whirlpool of Yao, can get the
news from home town to let the Chinese class of ebullition get up, but
still too late see the virtuous battalion commander of thin Er of
several more eye sea yelling.
"Come and set out with me!"
The useless talk with no a surplus, the deep and low Hun is thick of
voice but is so urge moving heart, this is Deutsche soldier!They own
the best military tactics cultivated manners, the strictest clear
discipline best material, even have an iron will.Have already touched
climb to roll a dozen of life and deaths and totally quick year with
them in the dugout of Chinese class of, also fight in an Aos in gradual
understand what is a real soldier.
The troops beginning walks toward five railroad bridges out of the
kilometer to, a short moment behind shouted to break out, faced upward
to see a several the sea that print to have iron ten words sign eastern
green as French Niu wave that the duck hawk heads for the Suo Mu river
opposite shore to appear especially machine.
Posted 14 Apr 2018

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