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so connect once used old soldiers of German hair Se 98 rifles all very painful.In addition gun muzzle and gun machine defend a sand dust in
brief draw lessons from 38 type rifle dust palliative cover Fernando Abad Authentic Jersey designs in Japan also isn't suitable for, inside place to fixedly play
Cang gunning to complete behind not ability clear hint soldier.
Though see a design by Yang Qiu's taste there are also a lot of
problems, though the first half automatic rifle in the world appears in
Germany, being 1908 rifles in Mexico of the first large-scale material,
can not deny that this was Chinese weapons history to be huge to leap,
also give him the chance for equiping a half automatic rifle last time.
The birth probes a very clear half automatic rifle of the soldier's
Yang Qiu the condition needed by material, this isn't only only a gun to
pay among them oneself of problem, but the problem of financial Fred Lynn Authentic Jersey power and the whole weapon system, financial power need not said more,
as for the system problem is also more complicated.Because see from the
oriental physical stature, think half automatic rifle running fire also
keep higher to in the clout a rate, have to improve bullet of adoption
in the center power ammunition, can change 7.62*39 middle power bullet
manufacturings have to is all replacements the whole army make
type.Because having no logistic section of troops would like to at the
same time use caliber together is two kinds of power bullets, this will
seriously cause logistics false and deliver while finally appearing big
power bullet of troops demand of but is short 39 bulletses, or want 39
bullets but deliver to grow 51 greatest powers bullet.
The best solution is to Hanley Ramirez Authentic Jersey adopt different caliber, for example need the machine gun of power to
continue to use big power bullet, the rifle adopts small caliber bullet,
but small caliber bullet be not say to build out and then can use of,
have to be shooting medicine breakthrough to ensure to pack a medicine
to let up power not to reduce first, this up very minute without the
way, because is all soldier work diagram paper in the data machine, be
very like techniques, such as material and industrial facilities...etc.
the scarcity don't shoot a medicine technique at all as well, otherwise
he can't buys so many equipmentses with industrial technique with the
precious foreign exchange, either.And withdraw previous remark path and
then have to thoroughly change Heath Hembree Authentic Jersey currently all production lines!It is very not worth the cost under not
wealthy circumstance in the nation.So have a way to overcome?Have, a
kind of more seldom seen half packs medicine bullet.Is also reduce 5100%
path big power bullet shoot medicine, in the shape under the constant
circumstance warhead Tu Shang the special pigment all pack medicine and
half to pack medicine bullet by distinction, the result is to shoot
medicine decrease will cause ballistic occurrence variety, need to be
passed to test an appropriate modification warhead for a long time
Anyway is not worried either material, so he takes advantage o the
opportunity of the test-launch rifle of pure 2 people of Sung son and
puts forward and uses half first and packs medicine bullet and slowly
transfer the plan of 39 middle power ammunitions from 51 bullets, also
put forward an improvement on the rifle suggestion, end still according
to very acquaint with of 56 type halfs the automatic rifle draw
structure grass diagram to hand over to Liu Qing En.
Posted 15 Apr 2018

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