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Are you a superstitious sportsbook fan? What is your superstition when you gamble ? Do you dance Cheap Cordy Glenn Jersey , sing or spin around like crazy??
There are many superstitions on the sportsbook world, and let me tell you, some of them
can be as crazy as they can be funny or creepy ?but they are all part of the
sportsbook and its fans and I want to share with you some of them that I come
across but I'm sure you may have others to share.?
Sportsbook superstitions are related to bad and good luck (some people even think that saying the word
its bad) when gambling and belief in the supernatural power that comes with any
sportsbook event. Athletes from all sports, bettors, poker players, horse
gamblers Giants Kareem Martin Jersey , car racers and many more are part of this so call superstition wave that comes long time in history since the 15th
I may confess that I don't believe much about superstition, but still have experience things like spilling salt, or brake a mirror or come
across with a black cat or walking under a ladder and even if I don't think much
about it, subconsciously ?always try to avoid them and its funny but I think its
part of the human nature to always knock on wood when necessary or flinging a
little salt over your shoulder been careful about someone's face on my
I don't give much attention to the hole Friday the 13th to be honest, but this numbers, just to speak of it will provoke chills Authentic Jeremiah Attaochu Jersey , fear and phobia to many people and its extremely powerful sportsbook superstition around the customers and even the
ones working on sportsbooks, that cross fingers and knock on wood and do their
dance not to risk and tempt fate when talking about gambling to ?have good
There are many common superstitions in sportsbook that may bring good or bad luck and want so share the most common ones related to sportsbooks
that also you can check on this link
Cross fingersWearing greenAsking for resultsNumbers like 7, 13 or 666Lucky charms like
a rabbits foot, a four leaf clover, horseshoe, crickets and more.Find a
These are some bizarre ones like:
Waiting for a bird to crap on you hat.Stand on one legEstrange dances and ritualsNot changing your underwearTurn
seven times clockwiseGarlicAn itchy palm will bring you moneyYou name
it Authentic Patrik Laine Jersey , there are so many and different superstitions that sportsbook gamblers, sports fans, athletes, coaches, trainers, bookmakers
and most people have that will be impossible to list them all , because everyone have their own ways to be superstitious. Now if you are one
superstitious believer related or not to sportsbook I'm sure you have many
others to share the rituals you have seen and experiences with us. So don't be
shy and tell me ? What its yours?
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Posted 04 Jun 2018

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