The skill of bride makeup repair make the perfect bride that does not take off makeup

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If the bride wears make-up or make-up on the wedding, it's really not a pleasant thing. How to maintain perfect makeup all day long? There are some
simple techniques that can be given to brides.
Bride make-up tips 1: ice compress face before makeup
Ice packs in the morning are a great way to slow down make-up loss. After maintenance, the bride-to-be can take a cold towel from the freezer in the
fridge and apply it gently to her face for about a minute. This can not only
absorb the excess oil light of maintenance products, but also rely on the cold
temperature of the towel to astringe the sweat glands and sebum of the skin,
delaying your bride's make-up halo makeup.
Bride makeup make-up tips 2: pay attention to oil control
Oily skin is most easy to take off makeup, want to keep fresh makeup of the bride, maintain time enough, the work before makeup go oil control is
indispensable. With mild refreshing cleansing milk to remove the skin grease,
and do a good job in further cap if use contain traces of alcohol contractive
pore, adjust skin ph balance, inhibit oil secretion.
Bridal make-up tips 3: prepare blotting paper
The MM that the skin loves to give out oil, want to want wedding bride makeup not to take off makeup, besides doing the work of oil control before
makeup, wedding scene still pays attention to clear the superfluous grease that
destroys makeup. Blotting paper is the best choice, the bride MM that gives oil
easily can choose those who absorb oil ability is strong and contain the
composition of powdery makeup makeup makeup to fill oil paper. Start with your
nose and forehead and use a pinch to remove excess oil. What should notice here
is: when sucking oil light with blotting paper, must not use besmear the way
that wipe, pull easily so skin, destroy makeup look.
Bridal make-up tips 4: light and light foundation
If you want your wedding bride to keep her makeup on, the foundation will be light and light. This kind of bottom makeup not only oneself grease content
is less, still can raise the clarity of makeup look, even if take off makeup
also won't too apparent. Oily skin can choose dry wet cake, dry skin is best to
choose a thin liquid foundation.
Bridal make-up tips 5: fixing make-up
Make up is the last ring that makes bridal makeup, also be the most crucial link that bridal makeup does not take off makeup. There are many ways to fix
makeup, specifically:
1) spray make-up
Spray helps fix makeup, especially when the weather is hot and use effluent instead of general spray, the bride makeup has special effect. Just put the
chilled astringent water into a small spray bottle and gently spray it into the
air, so that it will naturally and evenly spread the face, and feel very relaxed
and comfortable.
2) powder makeup
Powder does not contain oil, clear and delicate, can absorb grease quickly, make skin dry and fresh, it is the best way to prevent wedding bride from
wearing makeup.
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Posted 20 Jun 2018

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