My hometown is a beautiful mountain outsi

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Into the winter, I thought it was a white world, but unexpectedly, I saw the emerald green with dark fragrance. The god of snow and snow did not stay in this land for a long time, and he returned it to the mother of the earth in winter.her Earth dressed up in this beautiful land. She called for the arrival of drizzle, replacing the rain and snow to nourish the world; she called for the arrival of the sun, replacing the coldness of winter; she called for the arrival of the spring breeze, dispelling the biting cold wind. The branches slowly took the rain and the leaves grew quietly Marlboro Cigarettes. The rain fled in the trees, fleeing from the roots of the trees to the tip of each leaf, making the tree look vibrant. Pick up a green leaf and put it in front of your nose. It smells like rain.her, and a gust of wind slashed on them Cigarettes Online, then it slanted to the left, but after a while, they recovered again. The grass grows hard, they greedily pick up the water and take the sun. Although the grass is small, the conquest is a large piece of land! That cute little body, wearing a piece of oily green clothes, just like this, standing upright, standing between the sky and the earth! Grass has ambition and they want to conquer the whole world! Leaning down Cigarettes For Sale, taking a deep breath, smelling is the grandeur of the grass to swallow the world!le always care about delicate grasses and beautiful flowers, but often forget to feed them - the soil. Don't think that there is nothing special about the soil, but don't forget that the soil is the body of the Mother Earth! The Indians love the land because they know that they are stepping on the remains of their ancestors. They worship the land. They believe that all things are spiritual. They and the animals on the earth are brothers and sisters. They know that the land is their home! And what about us? Often only care about those things that look beautiful, but often overlook the most fundamental things Marlboro Cigarettes Price. In fact, the soil under our feet will change over time. In spring, when you step on the ground, you will feel the earth become soft, because it has to raise everything. In the summer, when you step on the earth, you will feel the earth become hard. That's because it's tired, it can't stand the roasting of the sun; in the fall, when you step on the ground, you will feel the earth become soft again, because it's feeling happy. Because the rice and fruit that it cultivates are mature; in winter, when you step on the ground, you will feel a little moist, because it is going to sleep, and the god of snow and snow is specially laid for it. A thick layer of quilt. I leaned down, my hands on the ground Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and smelled it fine. I smelled the smell of time. When did I shake off the vicissitudes of life, when the sun was falling and mourning.
Posted 13 Jul 2018

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