increase and dilute corporate profits

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According to the Labor Contract Law,dur a tek hardwood an enterprise must pay social insurance for the laborer unconditionally. When the company terminates or terminates the labor contract, it must pay compensation to the laborer; the company owes wages or overtime pay more than a certain amount. After the deadline,foam backed wall paneling compensation must be paid. The implementation of the 'Labor Contract Law' is very important for stabilizing labor relations and protecting the rights and interests of employees in the enterprise,waterproof flooring detail and it is also beneficial to the development of the enterprise in the long run. In fact, the vast majority of China's floor companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, which are basically at the low end of the industrial chain and have low cake paint colour that matches Their production and operation are relatively dependent on the low-cost labor costs. At the same time, there are indeed many non-standard labor practices in the flooring companies,composite deck around pools and the labor contract signing rate and social insurance collection rate are relatively low. The implementation of the Labor Contract Law has significantly increased the labor costs of floor companies in the short term. 2.lightweight boat floor sale RMB appreciation and patent disputes increase export risks In 2008, the export of the flooring industry started unfavorably. Due to factors such as export tax rebates
Posted 19 Jul 2018

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