Afreen Baig is Killed

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KARACHI: Actress and drama producer, Afreen Baig, the sister-in-law of the late pop singer Nazia Hassan, was found strangled in her home Thursday evening, police said.

“Afreen Baig was found dead in her bungalow in Khayaban-e-Shamsheer of Phase V of the Defence Housing Authority,”

According to police, they found Ms Baig, who was in her mid-30s, in the bathtub of the bathroom.

She was strangled before being put in the bathtub, police said.

Welts on her hands and feet showed she had been tied with rope, said doctors at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre who conducted the autopsy.

Ms Baig’s small son, who is autistic, was at home at the time of the crime. Police are looking for Ms Baig’s servant Dhani Bux and his wife Zubaida, who were absent from the house.

Valuables, including gold ornaments, were missing. A family friend, whose name police did not disclose, alerted the police after he found the house locked from inside. He paid the visit because Ms Baig’s husband, drama director Farooq Mengal, had called him from Islamabad after no one at home answered his phone calls.

The doctors also sent viscera of the body to the lab for further lab tests.

A police investigator, however, said there were indications the robbery might be a pretext for planned murder. Whoever killed her “stole the valuables to misguide the police,” he added.

The police also found the deceased’s minor son from the house who was reportedly in the state of shock. No police officer was available for an official comment on the crime, important members of the department having turned their mobile phones off.

Ms Baig was the sister of Nazia Hassan’s husband Ishtiaq Baig. Her other brother, Ikhtiar Baig, was a National Assembly candidate of the Pakistan People’s Party in the last general elections.

An award-winning directress: Afreen Baig had already two trophies of the prestigious Lux Style Awards, which she won for her serials in 2001 and 2002. She was the lady who introduced the culture of having pop artistes sing the title songs of her productions.

Afreen was the wife of another famous director Farooq Mengal. Both had formed an intimate relationship on the sets of ‘Anarkali.’ They had known each before ‘Anarkali,’ since both had worked in several productions before.

Afreen was said to be the youngest of all siblings. While officially it could not be ascertained, but family sources said the family had altogether six brothers and sisters. Afreen had been into showbiz since 1988 when she first appeared for a Qasim Jalali programme, ‘Yes sir, no sir.’

She made headlines, however, many years later when she reappeared on the silver screen, but this time as a director. She made her directorial debut, under the banner of Afreen Baig Productions, with ‘Kabhi Kabhi Pyar Mein.’ Ms Baig hired the services of pop star Faakhir for the title song. Faakhir’s song was the hit of the entire country, then and the drama did fairly well, also. It was a great breakthrough for Afreen whose venture was later nominated for the Lux Style Awards. Not only did Ms Baig win the award in the ‘Best Drama Serial’ award category, she followed up her success the next year with a similar hit, ‘Chandni Raatein.’

Posted 15 Oct 2004


Inna Lillah He Wa Inna Lillah He Rajeyon

whose the s.o.b who did it?
Posted 15 Oct 2004

Rain Man says
Inna Lillah He Wa Inna Lillah He Rajeyon

damn bastards...why do they have to kill the talented ppl, stupid erz
Posted 15 Oct 2004

ch ch Allah janat naseeb karay thats realy a sad news.
Posted 15 Oct 2004

umair16 says
This is very bad not her but also the family and her small song.

Inna Lillah He Wa Inna Lillah He Rajeyon

Posted 15 Oct 2004

paki lion says
this is so sad news! she is one of the most young talented director/producer, she was about to start on her new megaproject Ánarkali..
Posted 15 Oct 2004

May her soul rest in peace
Posted 16 Oct 2004

Ashii says
Posted 16 Oct 2004

who is the killer...? i think she got punishment...coz nazia hasan ke saath acha saluk nahi kiya tha es ne
Posted 22 Oct 2004

Xtreme says
Inna Lillah He Wa Inna Lillah He Rajeyon .

I agree with SRK on the Nazia thing.
Posted 22 Oct 2004

shaby says
wat she do to nazia hasan and who is nazia hasan
Posted 22 Oct 2004

my thinking was right..her own husband killed her..he called her taake us par ilzaam na aye...naukar bol pare...that was revenge coz afreen sold farooq's drama...killing is not the burn in jail...
Posted 23 Oct 2004

everything was planned
Posted 23 Oct 2004

shaby said:

wat she do to nazia hasan and who is nazia hasan

famous singer...nice personality...she died of cancer... her bro is also a singer (zohaib hassan)..dont know what did she done to nazia soul will get rest
Posted 23 Oct 2004

KARACHI: Suspects in Afreen's murder held

By Our Staff Reporter

KARACHI, Oct 17: The couple suspected of having killed producer and TV artist Afreen Baig has been arrested. Police brought Mohammad Bux and his wife Zahida to the city from Punjab on Sunday.

"The couple has confessed that they had strangled Afreen and escaped by a PIA flight to Lahore," DIG Investigation Manzoor Mughal told Dawn.

The body of Afreen Baig was found floating in the bathtub in her house in Clifton. The doctor who examined the body said that marks of abrasion were found on her wrist and ankles which suggested that her hands and legs had been tied before she was killed. Similar marks were also found on her neck.

Mr Mughal said that Zahida, hailing from Punjab, had been hired as housemaid about three years back. Mohammad Bux, who belongs to Tamboo, Naseerabad (Balochistan), was hired about one-and-a-half years later as domestic servant. They got married nine months back.

The police official said the couple told investigators that they murdered Afreen because they were sick of her rude behaviour and decided to take revenge.

On Wednesday night, they tied Afreen's hands and legs while she was in her bedroom, and forced her to sign a cheque for Rs280,000. They strangled her at around 2am on Thursday and dumped her body in the bathtub.

In the morning, they got the cheque encashed and proceeded to a PIA booking office and after getting tickets, flew to Lahore.

Mr Mughal said that the police had recovered the cash, jewellery (including a diamond ring), a wristwatch and two suitcases of expensive clothes.

He said the ropes used in the incident had also been recovered on the lead provided by the suspects. Police are collecting more evidences before seeking the suspects' remand from a court.

Posted 23 Oct 2004

Afreen Baig murder

Mengal confesses to conspiracy

By Zabe Azkar Hussain

KARACHI: Farooq Mengal under intense interrogation by police has confessed to conspiring to kill his wife Afreen Baig.

According to police, he was a hard nut to crack and several times feigned fainting spells and extreme distress, citing grief for the death of his wife as a reason.

At one time police also brought his driver, Muhammad Buksh Umrani, before him and upon hearing Umrani confess, Mengal fell silent.

Subsequently, he confessed to the murder saying that he had done so to gain control of his wife’s finances.

He mentioned two incoming payments of Rs80 lakhs for the drama serial ‘Humsafar’ and approximately Rs2.5 crores for the drama serial ‘Anarkali’ that the couple were due to receive.

Mengal also said that he wanted to make the murder look like an accident.

According to sources, police have come to the conclusion that Umrani’s wife played no major part in the murder and they are trying to convince her to turn state witness.

Mengal was detained by the police for questioning, when his driver had earlier confessed that he had committed the murder on the behest of his employer.

driver confesses: Muhammad Bukhsh Umrani, the driver of Afreen Baig, before a judicial magistrate on Thursday, confessed to his crime of killing the TV producer and playwright at the behest of her husband, Farooq Mengal.

Judicial Magistrate, South, Anwarul Hassan Siddiqui, who recorded the evidence of the detainee under Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, enquired as to how had he arranged this murder and the accused, Umrani, revealed that he and his wife, Zahida (who is also in detention), killed Afreen on the directions of the deceased’s husband.

The accused said that Mengal had expressed suspicion that his wife had developed illicit relations with her ex-husband and had been meeting him on and off. He said that Mengal had also promised Rs 1,000,000 to him for killing his wife.

Umrani further disclosed that according to the plan, Mengal had said that he was selling one of his drama serials and when he would receive the money, he would give the promised amount to him.

The accused said that before the date (October 12) was set for killing Afreen Baig, Mengal had left for Lahore and he kept in touch with him on telephone. However, Afreen went to her mother’s house on the date and when Mengal telephoned Umrani, he became furious and abused him after knowing that the driver had failed to carry out the plan. He further asked him (Umrani) to commit the murder without any delay.

On October 13, Afreen Baig returned home along with her mother, her son, Faham, and her sisters. Later, as the mother and sisters left the house, they (Umrani and his wife) forced Afreen to sign two cheques (of Rs 280,000) and also snatched her credit card from which they withdrew a cash of Rs15,000. Later, they forced her to take liquor and drugs, and finally strangled her to death.

The accused further disclosed that Mengal had persuaded him to kill his wife saying that both of them (Umrani and Mengal) were Baloch by cast, so he (Umrani) should assist him in carrying out this honour killing. This factor provoked him to kill a ‘corrupt woman’, he said.

The court, after hearing this confessional statement, ordered to shift the accused to judicial custody. His wife, Zahida, will record her statement during the next hearing.
Posted 23 Oct 2004

Afreen killed for Rs40 million
From Our Correspondent

KARACHI- TV producer, Afreen Baig had invested huge money on two drama serials which were expected to earn over Rs4 crores, a senior investigating officer told The Nation on Thursday. It was her big venture with her husband, Farooq Mengal.
The officer pointed that the couple had sold their serial ‘Hum Safar’ to a private TV channel for Rs80 lack while Rs10 lack were given to them as first installment. The police officer claimed that two private TV channels respectively had shown their interest in buying rights of ‘Anarkali’ for about Rs3/4 crores. “This was the main reason that Farooq Mengal hatched plot to kill her wife for seeking benefits from these serials,” the senior investigating officer claimed.
He pointed out that Farooq Mengal had opened bank account in Lahore in April this year with Rs14,00, which still stood at the same figure. “He is penniless who used to take money from his wife for even taxi fare,” the officer claimed. He added that Farooq had promised Rs10 lack to Mohammed Bux ‘Umrani’ for the murder. He had also provided fake ID card and mobile set to the alleged killer.
The officer said that when Afreen Baig was murdered, Farooq Mengal phoned her on his cellular set and finding no reply he phoned on PTCL number. Later, he talked to Afreen’s two family members on phone. But Farooq did not phone Mohammed Bux, though he himself had provided mobile phone to him, the officer said adding, it also raised suspicions. The investigating officer claimed that Farooq had expelled a servant, a Bengali national, recently.
About the alleged killer Mohammed Bux, the officer said that he had done inter science. His cast is Nindwani but he had shown Umrani in his fake ID card and also changed his native place. He originally belonged to a village of a former Defence Minister in Jacobabad district.
Their arrest was made possible with the recovery of picture of the suspect woman, Zahida. Mumtaz, driver of Ishtiaq Baig told the police that he used to drop her in Shah Rasool Colony, Clifton. A girl in the same locality identified Zahida and told the police about her residence near Gujranwala.
Mohammed Bux and his wife went there through plane at 11:00 a.m. on 14 October.
Farooq Mengal who was arrested on Wednesday is likely to be produced before the court on Friday (today).
Posted 23 Oct 2004

disgusting....... hope the bastard burns in hell.
Posted 23 Oct 2004

shaby says
so wats happening with her 2 dramas anarhali and hum safar, i really wanted to see anarkhali.
Posted 24 Oct 2004

MR NICE says
Shaby they are more important things in life then dramas. With Afreen Baig no more and if Farooq Mangel is the real culprit then you can forget about these two dramas.

Posted 24 Oct 2004

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Posted 06 Feb 2017

CCMrs says
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Posted 14 Mar 2017

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Posted 16 Aug 2017

Asset Protection Guide: The strange and sometimes puzzling evolutions in the business world ask for more and more secure methods of protecting the client's assets. In spite of all popular articles claiming the right to be taken into consideration, asset protection strategies depend on individual perceptions.
Filing for a personal injury case is no joke! So how can you keep yourself updated with the latest law news, articles, blogs, case histories, jury trials, and expert tips on personal injury cases? The answer is personal injury law blogs.
Book clubs have been proven to improve your mental health, social skills and finances in a variety of ways. These groups have been shown to consistently benefit members both mentally and physically over time.
Most everything that is done in a law firm today, from email to preparing court documents to billing clients and keeping their information current, requires the use of the computer through which electronic data is generated.
Getting a car loan through a car dealership is the least desirable way to finance a new or used car. Nevertheless, nowadays most folks have no other option - due to less than stellar credit. But take heart, there is an easy way to save money anyway
Jock of the Bushveld written by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, ranks as a literary classic of South Africa. It is essentially a true story covering Sir Percy's years as a transport rider and is rich in episodes of hunting, real-life characters and adventures in the haunts of big game.
There are many ways to finance a new home in Chicago. It all depends on your credit history, the price of the property and your income. This article gives brief explanations on some of the methods for financing a new home in the city of Chicago.
If you are thinking of a book about self help which has lasted the test of time, this has to be it. If you're into the new age concept of The Law of Attraction then this book is for you.
There are numerous openings for Ground Staffs in Corporate Planning, Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Product & services, Flight operations, Safety, Security & Environment, and Engineering. In addition, the candidates can also apply for Administrative Officer (AO) or a Trainee Station Manager.
What I really love about life story video documentary is the freedom to integrate footage, sounds, images and words from diverse sources into powerful, emotional, multi-media extravaganzas. But there's a danger lurking here: US Copyright laws.
In today's world, cut-throat competition has ensured that only those business groups survive who have a pleasant control over their marketing and finance heads. ROI is coming out as a fairly important term and it guides the fortune of a company.
How can failure lead you to success? Great inventors like Thomas Edison talked about ideas like failing forward. Edison always did his best but failed a great many times. The number of failures in making the electric light alone has been put at 10, 000.
If you have stocks that you need to keep track of, or you have substantial interest in the stock market or like to watch certain stocks, Google Finance has the tools to get you the latest information and keep you organized.
Have you ever tried something many times, and hoped that you would eventually get the results that you wanted? You can and you can learn how to do so when you listen to the 8 CD audio set called The Law Of Large Numbers, by Dr. Gary Goodman.
In summary, when considering investment property loans it is important that you build a strategy, that seeks out and finds smart finance. The smart investment will consider everything from the careful selection of the property to the source, period, value and efficiency of the finance itself.
Are you skeptical about the Law of Attraction and searching for some real valid proof that it does work. There's no sense in investing a bunch of time in some sort of vague hippy-dippy dream... so I offer some real proof that you can wrap your head around.
There is no question that many people struggle with their personal finances. It seems like more and more you hear about the average credit card debt going up, with people having more and more problems paying their mortgage or saving for retirement.
If you are in Chiang Mai and need to do a visa run, the closest border to reach by land is Mae Sai. The quickest, most comfortable choice is to go to Mae Sai via the VIP Green Bus which departs from the Arcade Bus Station in Chiang Mai. It leaves around 7: 45 AM and returns back to the city in the evening.
The Mezzanine Financing Overview is a resource for business owners and their advisors. This guide that will answer: what it is; what are its pros and cons; when it is usually used; and what mezzanine lenders look for.
How to intelligently use your emotions and passions to guide you towards goal setting using your true, genuine excitements and interests. Deep down you know what you truly want. The only way you're going to achieve long-term happiness is to accept where you are and embrace the path before you.
Revised scheme for the rehabilitation of Bonded Labour with the quantum of financial assistance increased from the symbolic level of Rs 20 thousand to an amount of Rs 3 lakhs. While the most deprived and marginalized like the disabled, female and children rescued from trafficking, sexual exploitation and transgender will get Rs 3 lakhs,
These boxes are simply unbreakable and equipped with smart alarming feature. If someone tries to break the lock forcefully then this unethical practice will be atomically informed to the police.
Child health plans are health insurance plans that are specially designed to cover children and babies for all their health needs. Children have special needs when it comes to health care. They require shots and vaccinations.
There are over 40, 000 practicing lawyers in Cook County - more than in the rest of the state combined. This number includes attorneys specializing in practically all conceivable types of law, in a variety of settings.
New parents are filled with elation when they meet their baby. The elation is quickly coupled with fear as they second guess their ability to take care of such a tiny person. Following are a few tips for things to do and things not to do with babies.
This article assumes you have watched the video The Secret and know the basic principles of The Law of Attraction. The following are suggestions on how to get the most out of this amazing tool at our constant disposal.
Life is always sweet and exciting when you have glowing skin and sound health. You can't realize this just by wishing, there are vital steps you must take in order to achieve the right results. The beauty of your skin depends on a number of factors.
Universal Laws of Business are kind of like overarching principles that apply to everything we do in network marketing and business. Having a clear understanding of what they are can guide our business plans, daily decisions, and business ethics.
This is a summer reading list for young adults who want to explore fantasy and imaginative fiction without resorting to the current small handful of blockbusters. This list has some classics that might otherwise be overlooked, and some contemporary books that are just terrific.
Creating an online community portal for your city or town is a great way to offer a service and make extra money online. Provide an outlet for your neighbors and profit.
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Posted 26 May 2018

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