War is the great king battlefield

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"This pours not definitely!"Zhang Xiao Zhun shakes:"No matter is economy or manufacturing ability, the English method adds and is more obviously
strong than Germany, besides ……in front there is still Matt Kemp Authentic Jersey United States in Atlantic!They are the biggest ammunition and supplies
suppliers of agreement, have already become the European biggest
creditor now.Although German navy uses a submarine the shot have already
sunk 40008,000,000 ton agreement freighter, because three wars in
misgiving the United States so the virtuous submarine temporarily takes
American cargo vessel to have no Zhe, so two a life times of virtuous
emperor William still publicly rebuke the United States to make use of
neutral identity help agreement before you arrive and mean not to expel
the possibility to carry out the military aggression to the United
Yang Qiu deeply absorbs tone and intentionally saw an eye beard
however virtuous to ask a way again:"Did Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting
there have news?"
Zhang Xiao Maury Wills Authentic Jersey Zhun come European quick year, seeing the so huge war is a soldier who
don't want to place oneself as well in addition to it, compare this with
Sino-Japanese War is the great king battlefield of war!Only kill a
blood road here, the national defense soldier can calculate strong
soldier in the real world, so smell speech face up immediately appear to
jump like sparrows for several cents.Only the beard is however virtuous
to realize the meaning of that eye, because he isn't to firmly do
advocate one of the diplomat who get involved European battlefield.
Zhang Xiao Zhun but don't notice 2 people's air, rub a hand exciting
way:"Anglo-French condition BE, at least start out 40 myriad people of
20 infantry divisions among them have to have 7 is the troops Mike Piazza Authentic Jersey that once beat a Sino-Japanese War.They say that if we would like to
send a soldier and attain this scale, England would like to persuade a
sand for you the household acquire oil power in exploring of two pieces
of landses and also promise to provide USD 1,000,000,000 20- years low
interest loan especially, and promise a whole sumses inside month issue
after sending soldier and also promise to 20 teacher everybodies to
provide 1000 people dollar the military expenses and allowance is
probably the appearance of USD 200,000,000, all logistic consume is also
been responsible for by them."
"Ha ha, pretty rich."Yang Qiu sees however virtuous toward the beard
and says with smile:"Xin my Sir says BE."
Beard however Mitch White Authentic Jersey virtuous wry smile way:"Several a hundred years of background which
have so easily whole have no, pour is for money fight afraid influence
your fame of deputy president."He doesn't say objection but say to let
for money the white white sacrifice of soldier will influence Yang Qiu's
fame, undoubtedly be make oblique reference to let him don't join this
lousy battle in Europe.Yang Qiu isn't angered either he, say with
smile:"The Sir doesn't urgently listen to say again."
Zhang Xiao Zhun continues to say:"Attend to Wei Jun originally have
already turned to tell an English method, said our domestic to almost
just build thing for them for these two years, currently 28 teachers and
4 independent the trip(contain a marine corps trip) all didn't all
change the way for packing to refuse, but they mean to be equiped by
their, all of the forward agent contract for.1 time provides the spring
farmland rifle from 150,000 United States, 1500 stand importance machine
gun, 20,000 tommy guns.
Posted 27 Jul 2018

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