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In addition to strain, tall ship the center is en route path Gibraltar join, prepare to go to a medical ship of Chinese Red Cross of west line
to also make them feeling more surprised, because everyone Mark Teixeira Authentic Jersey have never thought in former days a semi-colony nation will to European
civilization world the parties come to medical brigade.But they can't
reject any their own person of coming to help, because they aren't
headgears Chu Chu even go to bed all at calculate of politician, a tall
ship that loads down drugs can rescue a thousands army colleague, so
immediately let after confirming identity it joins to still particularly
carry on a protection.
Expect boon Si the major raise telescope, in search-light remaining
light, Chinese female student who is chatting on that ship deck is very
charming,was oneself dumped by the eastern magic power?His Masahiro Tanaka Authentic Jersey self-ridicule smiles, when the vision twists toward the another part,
but the eyeball is abrupt however as blast open ache!Periscope two
snow-white rapid sail vestiges are appeared in the search-light, the
tall ship of Ba En Si's major still didn't stay away bad luck, a torpedo
once wore beside from his destroyer, accurate shoot slower Geneva cross
of speed of ship.He sees, that several female students who make
him"admire" very much have already been missing a trace, and the whole
ships are flying to soon descend to sink!German guy opened gunfire to
kill to be compelled!Is violent the explosion Ba En Si and water the
soldiers enraged, light of fire and shell moment sweep but descend from
the fierce destroyer, however this is still the bite Mason Williams Authentic Jersey on granite of, appear along with the one and other torpedo, this is
from South Africa but bottom of tall ship situation the massacre of the
But after the massacre ends, German boat in the periscope grow didn't
can feel the excitement that shot sinks an enemy, on the contrary
because of the first be just shot by oneself at under sink of boats and
ships up burst upon of Red Cross and republic national flag but wrinkle
up eyebrows.Chinese?They how can appear in British tall ship!Have they
already joined agreement?
The Lao matches George considers with the secret agreement that
China will soon reach under the desk lamp and want to weigh now to him
of be not whether is worth, but connect next go to how to operate.Is
army supplies officer very clear, England basically could not take
currently armed at least 400,000 troops' weapon and materials!So often
thought of that the dictatorial house shakes a body to become free world
leader, then throws down to named a beard from the party groupings
however virtuous and Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting's assistant continue
follow-up negotiation, Matt Holliday Authentic Jersey oneself but accompany in the blessing Xu and the military officer the
secret go to the young man that Parisian close quarter looks into war
situation him to have a headache.That young man of resolute and behavior
standard to see, perhaps will be the opponent that an is very difficult
to tie up in the future!Appear such a person in the empire benefits
huge far east exactly is a still bad good matter matter?He exhales tone
and shakes to temporarily abandon not good viewpoint, never so 600,000
Chinese troops still keep coming from owner to anticipate, so he
frightened Yang Qiu finish seeing front of the ruthlessness prospects
future reunion renege, so immediately persuade two country's navy to
respectively stir a light cruiser under his suggestion.
Posted 27 Jul 2018

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