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Six advertise for Xiang also very excited, decided to visit Russia and combine Mr. to test to promise to will continue from Yang Qiu to east
line parties soldier after, the in former days proud English Henry Owens Authentic Jersey method represented to all change an attitude, no matter important event
small matter as long as involving all wanting of the agreement to seek
his amount of company, this is the republic diplomacy the affair of the
history top one and only!Diplomacy position, national position!Finally
acquired to biggest promote at the moment.
When everyone was each to have to think, an armored train that owns 8
section car compartments sprayed black smoke to slowly drive into a
website, before or after four pairs uniting 120 millimeters of Jackie Bradley Jr Authentic Jersey railroad cannons refitted with the warship cannon has already taken off
cannon dress, 6 stand the double unite 37 millimeters of navy's types
to soon shoot cannon to also stuff with a live ammunition, large
poisonous tooth heavy the machine gun explore from the gunning the bore,
armor plate behind the shell have already been packed a good detonator,
the several hundred warriors solemn and just in order to wait for
preparation reply at any time sudden circumstance.But thus on a large
scale of the protection measure don't arouse any great waves at all, the
nobody will feel that an armored train with huge power gets into a
national capital city what's wrong, because saint Peter's fortress in
nowadays is a 1:00 wear of wildfire medicine bucket, so include card Luo
Er lord at inside of the persons all think that Yang Qiu's protection
should strengthen again strengthen.
The train is Jim Rice Authentic Jersey pretty steady behind one squad take steel helmet to connect soldier to
lead off to rush out to constitute a warnning turn behind the guard whom
the line holds' back, after a short moment whole body military dress
facial expression serious Yang Qiu appear in the Russian in front.Once
the hard-liner's leader that comes from China appear and immediately
cause a flash light war, British and American method Russia etc. the
country's reporter raise camera to leave this history moment in
succession."The arrival that welcomes you, deputy president you."Card
Luo the Er lord faced up in quick time, he appreciated very much Yang
Qiu for today this body foppery.2 people shake hands behind six to
advertise for Xiang the beginning also introduce for him, when the
vision falls an in the gentle and young Human body, card Luo Er lord
still especially idea on his/her own initiative introduction way:"This
is Alexander-gram Lun Si radicle you, a very outstanding politician and
young leader."
"It is very Jimmie Foxx Authentic Jersey happy to see you."Gram Lun Si radicle very courtesy ground stretch out a
hand:"Your great I surpass description, ability since the mire pond of
emperor centralization took out, 400,000,000 people lead them to head
for free republican, is a how fantastic affair!"
Yang Qiu Xin's bottom is speechless on smiling, finally know why row
rather will the drama call he for"Kua Kua it the box calf house for
talking".Want to say to really have what make people able to remember
the words of this well-mannered young man, that perhaps only stupid move
hit "the section Er Ni Luo man insurrection" of oneself's feet and
finally masquerade into since the rock the woman escapes of legend
anecdote.Certainly, this person needs to be drawn together now, so also
speak favorably a way:"Thank crying up of you, I also hope Russia can at
your lead under come out turmoil.
Posted 19 Aug 2018

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