tooth and upwards hurtle

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Together very shallow course of river hold up the step of armoured vehicle, the Du son mountain leaving no chance to explain dived into icy
cold river water to once wade across water river, the Blake Swihart Authentic Jersey machine gun from opposite shore city strafed to let a lot of war allies
have no a life to arrive just several opposite shores of rices.The Du
son mountain feels after climbing go ashore the lungs all want to burn
and twisted a head to see river surface up have already spread the
corpse of full 1 F.
The crest wears to play rain him to hurtle with small Sichuan to
recently a house behind, the brick piece temporarily held up bullet, 2
people to see an eyes all and feel to rejoice thousand times.But haven't
divided spirit, after death spread to yell:"Don't stop bottom, capture
house to polish off those machine guns, protect an armoured vehicle to
lead river!"Twist a head to see go Bobby Doerr Authentic Jersey, the bedlamite company commander doesn't know when present arms to also
be to start the soldier lead river, in the light of fire his dress
trousers ascend full is a blood, even the cheekses are all hanged a few
shallow blood scars.
The battle beats to this extent actually an everyone body not from
personal, ignore you and afraid not and fear or want not to think a
dozen, have to bite a tooth and upwards hurtle, want and keep Brandon Workman Authentic Jersey on living and then have to kill an enemy.
War experience in the city that the German Army obviously are
familiar with very much, several pretty heavy machine guns cross to
blockade road to die dead of, two combat engineer corps of 103 teachers
embracing a bangalore torpedo hasn't closed to and then been mown
downed.The Du son mountain deeply absorbs tone and sticks wall and small
Sichuan to touch go slowly and forward, arrived a street corner to just
stretch forward to observe a string of bullet top of head brick the
wall swept of the pebble is horizontal to fly, frightenned he hurriedly
squatted down fierce hurtled to the opposite.The Da Da Da Da……On
standing a machine gun to toward him to continuously strafe, the road
noodles of the sole of foot suddenly and violently the point of
departure order small dust pillar.
Once hurtled Brian Johnson Authentic Jersey after the street noodles him and small Sichuan quickly drill into along
the street store, prepared to round to polish off to threaten the
biggest machine gun in the past from here, didn't want to just exceed to
open a son inside to rush out a German soldier, very clear bayonet
malicious Tong come.
"Elder brother Du caution!"Small Sichuan suddenly and violently
rises flower machine in a hand the gun is inclined to sweep, German
soldier touches to cannot compare with to defend prostrately at the same
time, the bayonet a point of a knife is still a laceration the arm of
Du son mountain.
Posted 21 Aug 2018

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