side attacks directly Huang Long

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This train was just preparing to walk a big shell Er tower cannon and 2s that uses while taking the offensive any Er to ascend virtuous luck for
building to produce 280 millimeters of heavy types to offend Allen Craig Authentic Jersey city cannon in 1916 at that time so as not to fall into enemy hands,
result cheapness 1 connect.Du son the mountain and small Sichuan
excitement was in person by hand once measured that 420 millimeters of
caliber big guns, can absolutely drill into a person to go, the
regrettable German is careful to carry shell and cannon separately, so
this 3 cannon didn't take it by storm in the later horrifying city in
don't produce result, otherwise also need not beat so hardly.
While taking Andrew Benintendi Authentic Jersey a rest probe a soldier to return 66 continuously and continuously bring
back come many be beaten loose allied troops, current 208 teachers of,
there are also 231 teachers, totally 572 brotherses, take two pretty
heavy machine guns and 270 infantry cannon to join 1 connect.The company
commander hangs up a corner of mouth, is altogether 21 cars, 470
cannons now, 680 millimeters of trench mortars(heavy type the trench
mortar have already independently organized into teams to leave)12
pretty heavy the machine gun and 821 infantries, inside current 1 even
of brothers, there is also the old soldier of 103 teachers, certainly
also had to just join stray troops.Just know afterwards, this is that
night 1 connect face most of afterward and Babe Ruth Authentic Jersey continuously reduce a member once.
1 connect to become one regiment almost and quickly, it is temporary
to unfortunately draw up, so continue to use one continuously.The real
strenght soars nature to do one big of, hence a few military officer
companies decide to depend on armor after measuring connect cover from
defense the weaker northern side attacks directly Huang Long.
Take a rest after 2 hours 1 connect to again set out, just came out 2
kilometers to suffer the most violent Zu shot, exactly two German
infantry regiments blocked at end that road up, the mark Qin spreads a
playing of rain took 73 war allies, also have 3 armoured vehicles be
destroyed.Depend on 70 infantry cannon to provide the close quarter
thermodynamic power the support, the company commander delivered crazy
hold the knife conductor surplus armoured vehicle in person left blunt
right Tu, depend on a strong poisonous tooth heavy machine gun and
organization cannon, finally open indentation completion breakthrough,
be Du son the mountain and everyone dash up to kill into German Army the
battlefield, fight will stubborn German Army also soon drive Bill Lee Authentic Jersey continuous not hopeless situation hand grenade and machine gun blunt
Dawn 4.1 even appear the Rui Ni Wei Er northern side, the then
battlefield is very disorderly, all of all directionses are shells and
interjection, the infantry war ally of current other teachers is
stubborn to defend of German Army.The Du son mountain remembers a
matter, the Rui Ni Wei Er clock building in the city square in the light
of fire is very high, very beautiful, but afterwards he hate this
elegant clock building of dying.
4 armors connect almost to arrive at the same time of news, let to
face perfect defense in the city to beat always to open phased infantry
war ally acclaim to jump like sparrows not, simple set after the plait 4
armors connect 70 T2 type armoured vehicles of end orderany in 227
teacher teachers under, start taking the offensive to the city north.
Posted 21 Aug 2018

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