Matching table flowers for a beautiful wedding

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Table flowers are not necessary for weddings, but they can adorn wedding receptions and make guests happy.
Flowers are an integral part of a wedding. When a couple walks along the path of the flowers to the extreme of happiness, the fragrant flowers will release magical splendor, and turn the sounds of joy, laughter, blessings, kisses, vows and all into your most memorable memories. Large area of table spend demand is very big already spend amount, cause cost to rise, also not facilitating guest repast. Below introduce a few combined-type table flowers, amazing and practical.
Matching table flowers for a beautiful wedding
In addition to the combination of table flowers, looking at the overall wedding banquet design, the space between the ceiling and the desktop, with the zero times of flowers can maximize the role of decoration, to create a comprehensive and systematic wedding atmosphere. This is one of the reasons that many tent weddings and veil and curtain weddings are favored.
Western combined table flowers pay attention to the combination of flower material, color and auxiliary equipment. This white and green table flower combines three kinds of flowers such as calla lilies, delphinium and tulip. It is free from clutter and conflict. Spend amount is not big, the romantic atmosphere that builds is very substantial.
A typical modular table flower can be freely used on the long table or round table. The high table flowers in the long table make up the grandeur of the whole. The low table flowers connect the space between the high table flowers, and also reserve space for the visitors on both sides of the long table for visual communication. Round table flowers can ease the height difference between high table flowers and table top, and the overall atmosphere is more warm.
What Chinese style combined-type table flower is exquisite is the design of flower art, in extensive and profound Chinese culture, control to "radian", can produce elegant, elegant wedding atmosphere. This one table flower used flower and leaf reasonably, the height of flower implement, and the radian of modelling and echo, gift Chinese style table flower with clever breath.
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Posted 22 Aug 2018

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