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Qin Jian has already been used to Stalin using the phrase " you" and oneself words, because fill gas to give after the Boer 2 people relate
to close to a while a lot of.It is incredibly Stalin to truely A.J. Reed Astros Jersey make him strange surprise not is this news, hurriedly ask a way:"Stalin
comrade, this is perhaps a spy."
Stalin puts a hand and turns round to take him to after walking into
the office close a door again:"This matter row rather the comrade have
already known, is a quarter promise Wei also man and the Nie rice
promise man his from make the decision a piece, will start revolution
news Tong to get to newspaper up!Hum, also think that my doesn't
know!His disobeyed the principle of party, so row rather the comrade
have already let his wear offense in Ukraine and have a great
achievement and assist to organize local Su Wei Ai to the radicle.To,
you also want to immediately assist Alex Bregman Astros Jersey to seek a Fu Long Zhi comrade to the radicle and send this letter to
him for me."Stalin hands over to Qin Jian a letter.
Seeing these several days will begin, but oneself be suddenly
adjusted the radicle assist, Qin Jian Xin bottom Luo the Mao is for a
while.Disheveled hair now?But very quick he vetoed this viewpoint, Andrew Aplin Astros Jersey because up to now he and be online just and once contact twice, and if
discover this person of own identity to perhaps and early start, also
how also assign oneself and assist and see Fu Long Zhi to the
radicle.Most possible of BE, this letter is very count for much, he
needs to seek one to be reliable, and has already fought experience to
prevent°from being broken by the enemy to divulge a secret.So he
immediately takes leave Stalin and return to office to tidy up several
piece with go after the clothes a moment don't delay as well to
immediately let the under charge seek a car.
In addition to wanting to pack to complete a touching of task very
actively kind, the this time action also hopes earlier and comes back to
take part in second revolution.But when he sits car rear seat rushes
through to go to the train station, and took advantage o under charge
after doing not notice to silently open the letter that didn't seal
completely, suddenly the Zheng is big eyes.
The contents of letter is easy, a row to rather request in the
southwest aspect soldier include Fu Long Zhi at inside of poor party
soldier committee member, immediately incite to station to Andy Pettitte Astros Jersey assist in the radicle south the elder brother Gao Jia Suo Sa gram of
the noodles ride soldier's teacher to withdraw combat, and recover to
dismiss homing activity policy.In fact this kind of matter has already
had a lot, row rather he this period of time regardless of the enemy be
still trampling national territory inside the national territorial, big
four plan front officers and men so recover to throw down to defendoof
line to go home, try to use outside war to oppress local counterforce,
use a national crisis to strong oneself.
Posted 23 Aug 2018

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