immediately with the protection went

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swarm about here Russian train to about have or so 500-600ses, and Jin in periphery and Cha's etc. grounding to gather together sufficient
thousand odd problem isn't big.Now that these poor party not Aaron Brooks Authentic Jersey chase a nation be return to matter, also prepare to sell to the German
to us, that doesn't also blame me Don't mention it!You see, my viewpoint
is to temporarily can not press here, the soldier lets below strengthen
the surveillance to ride soldier's teacher to Gao Jia Suo.Let the plum
living first to think for these several days the way assist from the
radicle to button up a few trains to come over, let two armored trains
also come over to put a last-ditch power again, as for big gun these
heavy type the material can carry to walk first and secretly to carry
radicle to once assist, the soldier also puts away thing to work well
the preparation Addison Russell Authentic Jersey that withdraws at any time.Once they really dare to release defense
line to lead German Army to come in, we immediately pretend an enemy not
to withdraw to the text Ni Cha and gather all of the train, horses of
along the road radicle to once assist.Let the plum living to leave to
ride a soldier trip at the same time, take 123 teacher 2 infantry trips
return first black the power for pulling Er, putting a for withdrawing
troops, then let Peng life Xin with behind set out at him.After waiting
Jin in the Cha immediately with the protection went home railroad bridge
for from robbed to have big bridge.The along the road advertises for
all trains, truck and horses to pay to come over, who if dare to
obstruct and then directly polish off!The radicle assists a this place
only 3 Russias withdraw next rest the whole infantry division, those
Russian soldier already agitated avoid a war to cannot compare with,
simply we a don't do two endlessly with protect the radicle assists of
the name Be strong line of to take Albert Almora Authentic Jersey over here!I believe only making those Russia soldier affirmation to
break up in a hubbub!After waiting until and taking over city, send and
ride soldier and search the Long to all nearby trains, horses and get up
and pack the situation that a contingency preparation goes home.If the
poor party is finished behind really dare with Germany unilaterally
negotiate for peace that Lao Tze also not is be vegetarian of, face
simply before walking the radicle assist to move out of all move out,
move don't walk of also all deep-fried light!Let this helps the guy the
end for tasting betrayal and sees them having no a radicle to assist to
return how to hold up German Army!"
Wu Pei Fu also already belly fury, nod a way after finishing
listenning to:"This way is quite good.There a teacher of Li Lie Jun
wants to control a leaf the card Jie Lin Nuo fortress also not easy,
plum's livinging two infantry trips can help great favour after
returning to.Only on getting the news that Russia has trouble, two
teacher affirmation in the Xu Shu Zheng's hand will all Alec Mills Authentic Jersey through the night take over red tower and Irkutsk, as long as taking
down here to cut off telephone line, in the center this place was a
blind person deaf person!We put two teachers return to of withdrawing
the country first power, think necessarily Russian also can't entwine
again try very hard to, they perhaps still earnestly wish us to
leave.Just want want to defend a German of make track for shot, at least
ride the back of soldier's teacher to put a trip at Gao Jia Suo, set up
with props an in the evening the big troops just has opportunity to
escape from, parties who go to."
Posted 23 Aug 2018

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